First (Brief) Look At Team Fortress 2 Toys

NECA, specialists in action figures and props based on video games, will be bringing out lines of figures based on Valve properties in 2012. While we haven't yet seen the finished versions of these toys, we do today have some work-in-progress shots of Team Fortress 2's Demoman.

What's more interesting than the pictures themselves is the fact there's a Professor Layton Revoltech piece in the frame, as NECA say the TF2 figures are aiming for a similar level of articulation as Kaiyodo's famous toys.

As a bonus, the gallery above also includes a work-in-progress shot of Gordon Freeman's gravity gun from Half-Life 2, whose figure is also expected next year.

If you'd like to see some very rough pics of Freeman's figure, you can see them here.

Sculptor's Corner — Team Fortress, Rocky and a Surprise [PICS] [NECA]


    Will they come with free hat accessories?

      Don't be silly, who gets free hats?

        I'd almost consider getting Pyro. But I imagine I'll have to pay extra to..*ahem* unbox it.

      Haha they should include a single randomly-selected hat with each figurine.

      They'd sell millions.

      Its Malibu Heavy! WIth NEW HAT!

    Do you think NECA will keep up with this "sculptor's corner" idea?
    It'd be cool if we followed every stage of their creation process, wouldnt it?

    Now Valve plans to include real toy hats in boxed copies of games?!

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