First Look At Battlefield 3's Newest, Biggest And Scariest Multiplayer Maps

Battlefield 3 is going to have some very big, very impressive multiplayer maps. One may not be for the first-person shooter player with a fear of heights. Look to Damavand Peak, the base-jumping map, for proof.

The official Battlefield blog offers a design-focused look at three multiplayer maps you may not have seen before (Operation Firestorm, Tehran Highway, Damavand Peak) and one you probably have seen seen before (Operation Metro). Perhaps the most interesting of the batch is Damavand, designed to let players experience serious heights and base-jumping in Battlefield 3.

One of the biggest is Operation Firestorm, a burning oil field that developer DICE says is larger than one of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's biggest multiplayer maps, Atacama Deserts.

Battleblog #13: Multiplayer map reveal, from the streets of Paris to the outskirts of Tehran [Battlefield Blog]


    BASE JUMPING MAP that sounds amazing cant wait to see people pilein of that cliff.

    Great, not only does Dice start charging for extra maps (why else is the Karkand map "free" in the limited edition) but now they go ahead and prove that the maps they're going to be making are going to be really awesome.

    (PS, I know these are the launch maps, but I am assuming the quality will only improve and the DLC will really bite.)

      Have they actually come out and said that yet? If so that would be disappointing, but there is still the possibility it could be free, just limited to pre-order reciepients for the first month, and then for everyone else after. One can hope right?

    Ok as stupidly bored as i was in the beta - damn that base-jumping map looks hell cool lol

      How the hell do you get back up with out a Plane or chopper?

      Better be a lift.

        Nope - Silvester Stalone is at the bottom to take you back up - clifhanger style!

        you wouldnt need to, there wouldnt be a flag to capture of mcomm to destroy up there, its just a deployment base.

    I actually dreamed about bf3 last night its getting closer :-)

      well, that's one way to cut down on baserape...

      On the other hand, I envision many lols from snipers at the bottom picking off attackers mid-freefall.

    BASE JUUUMMPPPINNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember a while ago that DICE said that the PC community shouldn't have to be charged for DLC because they (PC Gamers) have supported them from 1942 right through BF2 and BF:BC2 but since BF3, they have said or gave the impression that PC Gamers who have been very supported of DICE will now be charged for DLC. I have always supported DICE and have purchased every Battlefield PC Game that they have released and now I feel like they have lied to myself and other PC community members.

    Can Kotaku ask DICE about this and why they seem to be moving away from their previous comments that they made in the past about the PC Community please???

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