First Screens Of World Of Warcraft's Mists Of Pandaria

I honestly was not expecting Mists of Pandaria to really be the next expansion pack for World of Warcraft, but here we are, showing off the first official screenshots. Where the female pandas at?

I'm guessing the female pandas aren't quite ready for prime time, hence the total panda sausage fest going on in these screenshots. If you look closely you'll see some of the moves the new Monk class will be kicking when the expansion pack sets them fee.

What do you folks think? Pandas, yea or nay?


    Have to say it...

    Kung Fu panda.

    I will reserve all other judgements until I play it. Though will say this just doesn't seem to sit well with the other races in wow... Decked out pally tank, worgan rogue ripping shit up, human Mage burning things, NE Druid healing and over there in the corner is a fat guy kicking things...


    Hrmmmm indeed...

      The combination of Pandaren and colourful CG environments has everyone thinking this. Yes yes, I know Blizzard has been using Pandaren for ages, but from these screenshots, I'm half expecting Po to be a quest-giver or something.

    There is a trailer here:

    I'm actually pretty excited. I love the scenery! I'm hoping the new class won't be limited by gender though... monks tend to male, right?

    I thought Blizzard were trolling us at first. I mean, come on, Pandaren?

    Maybe it's time to put this series to bed.

    You know when you fall in love, and that love breaks your heart. But still everytime you see her something inside you stirs. You know your over her, when you bump into her in the street and feel nothing.

      Amen to that. I stopped playing about a year ago, and although Pandaria looks pretty enough, looking at this is a relief because it just doesn't make me want to play in the slightest.

    Only one new race this time? Guess it's gonna be a neutral one. I anticipate there's gonna be so much more rage between alliance and horde players otherwise. Actually... they're probably going to argue about it like greedy children even if it is shared.

      Chris Metzen has said that the Pandaren will begin neutral, but will join either the Horde or Alliance (your choice) at level 10.

      Similar to the Goblin starting area, except you get a choice, not straight recruited into the Horde.

        That's all well and good, but how are they going to address the Alliance Horde in-game communication? Did these Pandas just forget how to talk their own language the second they sign up to a faction? Oh it's Blizzard, I'm sure they'll figure out some convoluted lore loophole.

    I said that it would take two things to make me resub to WoW...

    Pandaren, and cosmetic armour customisation.

    Well, shit.

    As if playing WoW wasn't embarrassing we have to explain pandas to our non-nerd friends. Sigh.

    Keep on milking the (corpse of) the cow, Blizzard...


    lol that's yanks for you.

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