First Uncharted 3 Reviews: 9.9 Out Of 10

Something is wrong with Uncharted 3. The big PlayStation 3 action-adventure game coming out in November 1 from the folks at Naughty Dog did not earn a perfect 10. Uh-oh. The people from GamingEverything tracked down a copy of Playmania, a Spanish magazine that has reviewed the game.

Apparently, Playmania detected a flaw of .1 proportions. What ever could it be? Is hero Nathan Drake's shirt not half-tucked properly? Is the game's initial load time, if it has one, three seconds too long?

Maybe the game's competitive multiplayer is broken to a .1 extent (perhaps it's awesome but the framerate drops once every 23 hours?). It could be that the game's co-op mode includes too much of the colour orange or the campaign just might not provide an explanation for what happened to that train that fell off a cliff mid-way through Uncharted 2. I don't speak Spanish. I don't even have a copy of Playmania, so I do not know.

All we know for now, people, is that something, or, more specifically, a speck of something, is wrong with Uncharted 3.

First Uncharted 3 review is in [GamingEverything]


    maybe one of the trombone notes in the score is flat

    Game scores are getting like the olympics: 9.882 for a terrible game, 9.995 for a great game. Reviewers like gametrailers will rubbish ever aspect of a game then give it a 6.5 out of 10. Get some balls! if its bad, then give it a 2, so that if a game like U3 really is amazing, a 9.9 is meaningful

      What do you mean 'getting', they always were, just look at OOT's reviews, clearly they've always been terribly biased.

    To be honest I don't trust reviewers much anymore. The gears of war series bored me and i think halo is 1 of the worst franchises to grace consoles as it's helped dumb down and ruin the entire FPS genre. Both of these series gets very high, near perfect scores when a game is released though. I've not played any uncharted game but I somehow doubt this is the perfect game.

      key word you haven't played any uncharted game

        Totally agree.
        Uncharted 1 had its moments when it began to drag on, some segments there were just continuous waves of enemies and it begins to grind, but it was still a stand out game. U2 is paced very, very well. Segments of shooting is often contrasted with a puzzle or platform element before and after with the two blended together well enough that you sometimes don't even notice.
        I found the final battle at the end to be a little over the top and could have been done better, but it ends in a very satisfying way.
        Point of this, if you can get your hands on the Uncharted series, play it and I doubt you'll be disappointed :)

      You lost me at "Halo dumbed down FPS".

        They lost me a "gears of war bored me". I'm not a huge fan of shooters and not even I'm that picky.

        I bet they made it 9.9 just so everyone would wonder what the flaw was.

          Here, I'll help explain it to you. You see Gears of War bored him, because it has a very shitty storyline. They kill of people in the third for stupid reasons. Clearly Richard prefers games with actual story that a 2 year old didn't think up.

      Dude, in all my years of gaming, I have never experience a better game than Uncharted 2. I don't think its perfect because nothing is but its the closest thing to a perfect game. My other top games include Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Half Life 2 and a few others and I value UC2 a little more. Story = awesome, Gamplay = near perfect, very tight, Voice Acting/dialogue = the first time I started caring for voice acting and because they did such a good job that they set the bar so high, no other game will reach. Movies can learn a lesson from them in the dialogue department, Graphics = 1 of the best looking games this generation, Character development = some of the best, Difficulty = Average, Sound = Awesome. You're honestly missing out on something amazing when you don't play this franchise. This game also has platforming and a very addictive and well balanced arcady multiplayer.

        I'm right with you there Eric, Uncharted 2 is the perfect game, I've seen/played the best ones, and I feel this is what gaming is all about. Naughty Dog go from strength to strength.

        Hmmm the 0.1 point loss could be because they accidently put this cutscene in:

          First time I played Uncharted 1 I didn't complete it. But Uncharted 2 - there is just something about it that is really, no really, indescribable.

          I will jump straight in and say it is NOT the perfect game, well not the perfect story ********spoiler******** the zombies are just pathetic... the writers got bored and summed it up quickly ////end spoiler////

          But still, it just captivated me and wowed me from beginning to end. I've never played a game like it before - it was like a film that I was apart of that I was controlling. This is why a film adaption would be terrible - I don't think it's possible to capture the feeling of playing Uncharted on the big screen.

          As for Richard the Troll - if ruining the FPS market is changing the face of multiplayer and online gaming then... HALO IS THA WORST GAME EVA

      You do realise that reviews aren't based on your singular opinion, right?



    That's why I prefer the 1-10 scale with no inbetweens, where every number is used. 10 doesn't mean the game is absolutely perfect, it's just a damn awesome game.

    There's no need to get overly scientific. If you got 5/10 in an exam, you passed, so it should be a ranking of a passable game.

      Yea, but 5/10 is no longer the passing grade for a game 7/10 is. That is the result of years of "Bad" games getting a 5/10 on sites and shows.

      For a triple A title it's even worse anything under a 9/10 and your game may as well have gotten zero.

        so they're like the asian students of the video game world?

    This one is going to be epic, I can feel it.
    Can not wait!

    Let's just ditch the numbers and use the 5-star rating employed by film reviewers.

    Ofcourse the game isn't perfect every games has good and bad points. I hate it when people throw out 10/10's like it's christmas morning it's good to see someone can find a flaw in a game. Kotaku stop making stupid articles.

      They're not having a go at the game, just the system used to rate them. What's .1 of a point? or .6? How do review sites come to these figures? If games are to be rated, then we should use the 5-star system.

    Good thing Cliffy B didn't make Uncharted 3, otherwise he'd tear GamingEverything a new one. A mere 9.9?? Inconceivable!

      Haters gonna hate!
      This vitriol and attitude of negativity in today's game journalism... it's pretty shameful.

    They just don't want it to get a metascore of 100 ... haters

    Game reviews and scores = useless.

    Kotaku reviews and that Tim Rogers guy are about the only people that have reviews worth reading.

      Yeah, totally a guy with worthwhile things to say that we should read.

    Do you still end up emptying magazines of AK-47 fire into enemies faces to kill them? I got so bored of the first game's boring fighting I haven't bothered since...

      You never had to spray, alternatively there was this thing called controlled bursts that dropped people near instantly... like just about every other shooting game. EVER!

    They reduced the size of Chloe's ass = -0.1

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