For Some Game Saves, The Vita Needs Help

Help comes in the shape of a memory card. According to sister site Kotaku Japan, a handful of PlayStation Vita games can save onto the game cards directly. Some games will need a memory card for game saves, meaning that so will you.

Kotaku Japan received the following information from Sony Computer Entertainment.

To data, the games that can save data onto the Vita game card include Asphalt: Injection, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, F1 2011, Dynasty Warriors Musou Next, Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru, Dark Quest, Shinobodo 2, Power Smash 3, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, The Michael Jackson Experience, Mah-Jong Fight Club, Let's Try Bass Fishing: Fish On Next, and Lord of Apocalypse.

The games that require a memory card for saves include @field, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Dream Club Zero, Disgaea 3, Hot Shots Golf 6, Monster Raider, and Ridge Racer.

It's still TBA whether Katamari Damacy: No・Bi~ta will need a memory card for game saves or not. At the PS Vita's December 17 launch, the following memory cards will be available: 4GB memory card (¥2,200 or US$29), 8GB memory card (¥3,200 or $US42), 16GB memory card (¥5,500 or $US72), and 32GB memory card (¥9,500 or $US124).

メモリーカードはいる? [Kotaku Japan]


    Wait, game cards? Did I miss a news release somewhere?

      I think so, guy.

      PSV runs on game cards, similar to the DS. Most can save to the card or the (tiny) PSV internal storage itself, some need PSV Memory Cards for larger saves.

      They've been kicking that tidbit around for a while now, but you could have missed it.

      PS: I believe that the proprietary save cards and lack of internal storage is specifically there to avoid game-save hacking of the system like the PSP

        The PSP may as well have had a proprietary memory card format: the only device I own that can read MemoryStick Duos is my PSP. That said, you could use the PSP as a card reader by hooking it up to the computer by USB.

        If they cut that feature from the Vita, then you might be right about the choice of format.

    This worries me do you think they might go down the same route as crapcom tried to with locking saves????

      I don't think so. That's a publisher specific decision, not a Sony (hardware) decision. It's like Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the PS3 - those saves are console locked.

        That's right! That bloody game! I was halfway through the damn thing when the save decided to not transfer over to my new PS3 (traded my 120gb for my mate's 80gb and $50). Never touched it again.

    Can I assume that a memory card isn't packed in with the console?

    and is it the same memory card that the PSP used or a whole new one?

      almost certain they're not bundled with the console. they are also not the same cards as the memory stick duos the psp had, but a new one made for it, which means you will have to redownload any games/content you bought off the psn

    I had a feeling you couldn't save your game into every card, a game like Uncharted would want to maximise the entire 4gb.

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