Freddie Wong's 'Inverted' Made Me Rethink My Lifestyle Choices

Ever since I can remember, I've been an inverter. I thought everyone was! Turns out I'm wrong. A poll I made a while back showed that most folks played regular, and now Freddie Wong is telling me that inverting is 'wong'. So, should I switch? I don't really know if I can...

And you know what? Screw you Freddie Wong - I'm not changing! I have a dream. A dream that inverters and regulars can co-exist in the gaming universe together. That we can all get along without the bickering, without those passive aggressive sighs everytime we have to switch.

I have a dream ladies and gentlemen. I have a dream.

Thanks to Dawdle and Vooks for sending this in!


    I showed this to my wife as I was heading to bed last night - just based on the title I knew it would appeal to her (Red. vs Blue recently did a PSA about inverted gaming and controller sharing which she has used in an attempt to sway my dirty inversion habit).

    She just shook her head sadly and said "I've been telling you this for years."


      Have you tried not being a freak?


        No, I have not. I value your contribution to this discussion and will take your suggestion into consideration.

          X-Men 2, Iceman's mum to Iceman upon finding out he's a mutant.

          I believe that's a 5 point penalty to your nerd score.

            But a +5 to his appeal to women

              He has a wife already, I'm fairly sure that score is just a dump stat anyhow.

    Hahahahaha! That's hilarious! lol

    I'm a bit of a weird one actually. FPS's, I play normal, but in air combat games, like BF, etc, if im flying a jet I play normal, if im flying a helicopter, i fly inverted.... lol

    I've never even noticed whether I'm an inverter or not. And I don't really care. Just play what feels right, y'know?

    I'm an inverter. Have been for as long as I can remember - most FPS titles used to be inverted by default, from memory?

    Then again, I learnt to use a mouse on my Amiga 500 upside down, and continued using a mouse that way for around ten years until I was 16 or so. Using a mouse upside down drew a little more attention than playing a game inverted, I think. =)

    I won't change my inversion for games though. I think I probably could, but it feels so natural to me that if the option to enable Y axis inversion is available, I'm going to use it.

    umm... the fact that he's flying a helicopter it would actually be his non-inverted setup that caused it to crash... pulling back on the stick, theoretically, should have made the chopper pitch back on it's tail, where as his backwards-arse setup caused it to crash...


      Unless, the controls were already inverted *strokes chin*

    *thumps chest before busting out an inverterd 'peace' sign*

        dammit... my inverted fist bump got gobbled up cause I used greater-than and less-than :(

      How long before this is on cafepress, jinx, ninja bot or various other t-shirt sites aimed at gamers?

    But isn't playing an FPS inverted the correct way? Because in real life when you hold a gun, to look up you bring the butt of the rifle down and likewise to look down, you bring the butt of the rifle up.

    All I know is that to me, inverted feels better - just like I prefer a controller over a mouse, or an xbox controller over a playstation controller...

      Actually, the butt of the rifle would stay planted against your shoulder as a pivot point and the sights would move up if you aim up and down if you aim down.

      The entire issue here depends upon where you see the pivot point as when aiming. Inverted controls assume it is behind the vision of the player whilst normal controls assume that it is at the same position as the camera.

      But... you don't rotate the gun and not move yourself, you move your whole body around to move the gun. You lift your arms up to lift the gun up. You don't push the butt down but keep staring straight ahead yourself.

      If the stick is forward/backward or the tilt of your body then you end up inverted, if the stick is up/down or the location of your arms then you end up not inverted.

      I used to invert all the time, now it's only camera controls that are inverted (I'm moving the camera not the view).

      Most games I see myself as moving my arms up towards my target (not holding my arms straight and tilting my body) so non-inverted makes the most intuitive sense to me.

      Normally when I go hunting, I would like to think of the gun as an extension of my arms up is up afterall, all the movement is coming from your shoulders to sight up

        But when you move your arms up, your shoulders sink and vice versa; so this argument supports inverted as well.
        I'm long time inverted sighting and always will be.

          If your shoulders sink when you lift your arms, you need to see a medic... cause that aint normal.

      If you're going to compare it to ANYTHING in real life, it's a plane. Press back on the stick to go up. Press forward to go down. that is all.

    If you look up in real life your head tilts back and if you look down it tilts forward.

    Inverted controls on a console are more akin to real life head movements (the stick is like a neck), while "normal" is comparable to using a mouse/cursor.

    Neither is right or wrong, it's whatever suits you better. I use inverted - I think because I grew up on Goldeneye and it's default controls used an inverted look (c-down for looking up, c-up for looking down)

      Yeah - i thought the exact same thing - i think they made a boo-boo

      I used to make this argument too, but then someone asked me why then aren't the left and right movements inverted too.

      I had nothing to come back to that with :/

        I should try playing a game with the left and right controls inverted.

        Anyone knows one?

        Well, left and right movement is walking in that direction, strafing), so it is effectively your characters feet moving. And swiveling is also moving your feet so you go in a circle.
        No game lets you TILT your head sideways. If it did let you tilt sideways then there would be good argument for inversion of left and right.
        Otherwise it is just the incorrect non-inverters trying to push their agenda. ;)

          I think having left/right head tilt controls would actually support our argument, not work against it.

          Tilt forward = look down (inverted)
          Tilt backward = look up (inverted)
          Tilt left = view slanted left (non-inverted)
          Tilt right = view slanted right (non-inverted)

          See, it fits in perfectly with the whole inverted vertical aiming, non-inverted horizontal aiming setup.

      That's the way it feels for me too. If I wanted to look down over a ledge IRL, my neck and my body would actually be tilting/leaning forward, and the opposite for looking up. That's why it feels more natural for me to use inverted vertical aiming with a mouse.

      As for non-inverters using the old "then why aren't left/right inverted?", that's the stupidest argument of them all! They obviously missed the whole leaning part, or ignored it, because when turning left/right we don't lean our bodies at all, we just swivel left/right, hence why we don't invert left/right aiming.



    I always get the two mixed up anyway.

    Inverted players are the next stage of human evolution.
    Deal with it :D

      Inverted players were the previous stage in human evolution. We've moved on as a species :p


    If I'm on a controller, inverted. Every damn time.
    Inverted mouse feels weird on anything but a mech/plane/chopper.

    Inverted controls are for wanna be pilots dammit! Aircraft are the only things in life where pulling back makes you go up. If you wanna look up you aim up!

      That's funny, when *I* want to look up, I lean back.

      When I want to look down, I lean forwards.

      Go ahead, look down, bending at the waist. THAT MOVEMENT is what I do with an inverted control-stick/mouse.

      Also I just bent you over.

    I'd like to chip in here, but the reality is no one is going to convince anyone nor successfully point out misconceptions.

    Hey all you filthy inverters, can't we all get along? Love, Normal people.

    This caused some issues for me at EB Expo over the weekend. Every time I picked up a controller I had to pause and invert the Y-axis.

    It's not easy being inverted.

    The greater issue for me is horizontal inversion. I grew up on emerging 3D titles like Mario 64, where pushing c-left moves the camera to the left (which gives you vision to the right), so for third person games I always stuck with horizontal inversion but with first person games, I did not invert. Seems clear cut enough.

    I had so much trouble with Brutal Legend, however, as you switch from a third person view to a racing view when you get into the car. I don't invert on driving games! SO much confusion and the only way to solve it is to try "not being a freak".

    I always got the impression that you don't get a say in it... I never chose to be an inverter, it's just the way I am. Always have been. I guess it's a bit like left or right-handed people. Needs more study!

    Up is Down
    Down is Up

    That is perfectly normal logic! ;) Inverted for me! :)

    For me it's inverted for controller and non-invert for mouse.

    What really grinds my gears though is when third person games have the left-right camera set to swivel in the opposite direction. First thing I do in any game is go and set up the camera controls to match inverted fps controls exactly.

      Same for me.

      I will go so far as to blame Turok 64. It was the first FPS I played on a console and the look was inverted as default. Since then I always use inverted on a controller. I have tried going to the dark side but its just not in me.

    I have a better question.

    Why don't games have a hot key for switching the setting? Specially if your playing with a game pad.

    Also, PS style controller is better. Why? Microsoft did not come up with it. THAT'S why.

      Having a hot key would mean accidentally pressing it and having everything all go wrong.

      360 controller is better as the joystick and buttons (the two things I use most) are both in the main locations (not further down where my thumb has to move to reach).

      Also on 360 you can have your inversion settings as a default on your profile so every game will pick your favourite by default.

    Hey, wait just one cotton picking minute!

    If control was set to inverted axis and he pulled back on the stick, he should have pitched backward or on some setups risen into the air, not nose dived!

    Inverted axis stick forward will plow you into the dirt not stick back.

    If your going to marginalize inverters Wong GET IT RIGHT!

      Indeed, I think it's a massive troll. Or he's just an idiot.

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