Battlefield Rep Unloads On Ungrateful Community

Battlefield Rep Unloads On Ungrateful Community

About a week before the Battlefield 3 beta began, the game’s community manager had decided he’d heard enough shrill complaining about the fact that “Operation Metro” and not some other map would the only one playable. And so he went off.

Rewind: Operation Metro was revealed to be the beta map on September 20. Apparently, large numbers of forum goers thought some other map would be used, like one that allowed up to 64 players. The choice of Metro did not sit well with many, and the Battlefield forums were filled with great anger and profound disappointment. This is what Daniel Matros, DICE’s global community manager for Battlefield 3, had to confront at the end of the day.

“Right now, I am not in the mood to even browse in here and check out most parts of the forum,” Daniel Matros began on September 20. Saying that “the beta is a privilege, not a right”, unless you got a key with a pre-order, Matros ripped into users, still with a measured tone that suggests he had to choose his words carefully.

“The vibe I’m getting now is just that tons of ungrateful people don’t understand how much work we are putting on this game how many overtime hours we are doing and also how many meetings we are in to ship a game like this.”

Matros thanked those who did provide constructive feedback. “To the rest of you — grow up.”

Two replies later, proving his point, someone wrote: “Why aren’t you releasing Caspian Border in the beta?”

It should be noted that although this thread no longer exists (a cache of it does) even a cursory Google search of the forums turns up threads backing Matros.

As for why they went with Operation Metro, not something else, well, it’s a beta. “We have already showed this map and made some big changes to it to enhance gameplay as well as get it more fluent than in the Alpha,” Matros explained later. “Lots of new things have been added in closer to launch. Our rank progression system as well as customisations have made their way into the beta and it’s very important for us to test these things before we launch. That is the purpose of the Beta as well as combining it with Battlelog and all of the features there. If you feel that this isn’t the right map for you, then perhaps we don’t really agree on what maps we want to see.”

It is indeed hard not to be sympathetic. These games are not made by elves. We’ve heard plenty about “crunch” at the end of a development cycle, I’m sure the last thing anyone wants to deal with, amidst all of that, is inconsiderate sniping and snide questions from some entitled user who is unhappy that the free thing he’s being given isn’t optimised for his comfort.

It is, however, rare to see this kind of thing play out — which is probably why the thread is gone. The Battlefield 3 beta runs until October 10. I hope everyone survives.

Battlefield 3: Ungrateful Fans Get an Earful from DICE [Game Bandits]


  • i think the crutch attitude of “grow up” is a bad one. Your best critics are the people who complain about your game, if no one complains, you know you haven’t made a good game.

    • Except its a FREE beta, people who may not even end up buying the actual product are complaining about the content they’re getting for free.

    • Really?
      There is a massive difference between complaining like an entitled little bastard (hello gamers worldwide) and offering what is actually constructive criticism.

      There is nothing in writing saying that a BETA needs to be made available to the public at large, and CERTAINLY nothing that says “you MUST include map X and weapon Y”.

      BETA testing IS a privilege, and complaining is just poor form. It’s all about tense, structure and form. These people have worked damn hard on a game, so you have to choose your words well and actually give relevent feedback.

      For those who are STILL unable to comprehend this, here’s an example.


      Constructive Criticism:
      The map played on doesn’t have the same sense of grandeur as i was expecting, and ‘weapon x’ needs to be adjested slightly as it’s too easy to rack up heaps of kills

      pretty simple, really.

      TL:DR – gamers DO need to grow up

      • This. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the PC beta since last Wednesday, and the amount of people complaining about the map choice is unbelievable. I’ll admit, Metro probably isn’t the best map to show off the engine and everything BF3 has to offer, but it’s a goddamn FREE beta. It’s giving players a chance to try something out a month before it comes out.

        There are a few things to criticise, like the terrain deformation glitches from last week, a few other graphical and terrain glitches and the like. But for me (on PC) it’s been running fairly stable. I’m eager to see what they learn out of the response and what they implement, too. Which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

        On Caspian Border, I played it – it was epic. It shows just how awesome the full release is going to be. The tiny glimpse I had of that makes me very, very excited for release.

      • Though I definitely agree that all this complaining is childish I don’t like the generalisation that gamers all feel entitled and need to grow up is fair.

        Many gamers are young and so they come off that way, but definitely not the majority. Many more have valid complaints they just word them poorly and again sound childish. Too often I see people making constructive complaints being accused of being whiny and getting told they should be thankful for what they get.

        There could have been people on the forums simply stating ‘oh I would have liked it if they chose a bigger map’ or a map with more vehicles or more weapons. Unfortunately they get buried under the amount of childish threads you refer to.

      • The Insufferable Señor Steengo hit the nail on the head. Plain and simple, those members were a whiny bunch of ungrateful little shits. Don’t try to kid yourself if you think otherwise. Or I’d be willing to be you’re one of those people also complaining about not getting your precious Caspian Border map. I’m surprised Matros didn’t just let out one big sarcastic “BOO HOO”.

    • Critisim is one thig, Stamping your foot because you don’t get what you want (for free mind you) is another.

      I got a chance to play Casp Border in Beta and had a ball but I considered it a treat, not a right.

      Beta’s are for feedback for developers to iron out bugs prior to a game release to avoid justified complaints on a rleased game.

      It’s NOT there to make people happy…

  • My question is: They had Caspian Border implemented into the beta already. Why didn’t they just allow us to keep playing it anyway? Wouldn’t have been any loss to them and would have made a lot of us happy.

          • How many kinks can you iron out on a) only one map of so many and b) one of the less intensive 32 player maps in the game.

            And participating in any beta shouldn’t be a privellege. We’re supposed to be helping you to finish your game before release. The reason I’ve been complaining about the map choice is that this map limits testing. Battlefield is all about huge 64 player battles and vehicles – and yet neither of these factors is being tested on a mass scale. That just seems counter-intuitive.

          • “Our rank progression system as well as customisations have made their way into the beta and it’s very important for us to test these things before we launch. That is the purpose of the Beta as well as combining it with Battlelog and all of the features there.”

            Sometimes beta’s aren’t exactly testing all the gameplay kinks and stuff, they have teams for that. They want to know if people are satisfied with the things like the BATTLELOG and if the progression system is satisfying and working well.

            People aren’t complaining on the Diablo 3 forums that they didn’t release the WHOLE of Act 1 and Hardcore mode. This is probably because Diablo fans are bit more “grown up” than people who play shooters.

          • Then why does it say “Battlefield 3 demo” on the Xbox Live description?

            This “Beta” came out way too late for it to be a beta. This was more for promotional purposes than actual feedback and gameplay assessment.

          • Did you guys not see the absolute lagstorm that was the Caspian Border map?

            I’m pretty damn sure that was a test for their server loads.

            Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there… or that they’re testing for it.

          • I agree with Chuloopa.

            This is a beta, and I hope it’s old code. If this was a demo, then I think there’d be a lot of people NOT buying BF3. You can tell it’s an actual beta anyway as it’s riddled with bugs and glitches and overall unfinished.

          • i think i’m a great example of this

            if it was a demo, i wouldn’t be buying the game, because it isn’t working for me, but because it’s a beta, i know that this isn’t reflective of what the full game will be like.

          • I think you’re in for a shock. Considering this beta is out three weeks before the final product, it is fairly representative of the final product. The game ideally should go gold a few weeks before release, which is pretty much as soon as the beta ends. They’re not going to be able to fix the plethora of bugs in a few days/a week. Unless the beta is using a build that is a month or a few months old.

          • I love how you know exactly how long it is going to take them to fix the bugs, bottom line is you have no idea, so don’t make assumptions about something that only a member of the dev team would know.

            Everything that has been done for the Beta including the map choice IM SURE was done delibratly and with much thought and consideration.

            It boggles my mind people who think they know so much about game design and development just because they play them.

          • Additionally it has already been stated that the beta build we are playing right now was at least 4 weeks old on beta release.

          • I love how you’re treating me like I think I know what I’m talking about. I’m making assumptions and my thoughts and comments are to be taken with a grain of salt. I didn’t KNOW that the beta was using four-week-old code, and all my analysis on this beta is based upon my own personal opinion and experience with previous betas for other games, including the BC2 beta. Get off your damn high horse and stop acting like I know nothing and you know everything, because I’m sure you know no more or less than I do as a consumer.

          • I happen to agree with ToastyFresh – on Xbox it says its a demo, there’s only one map – which is consistent with a demo (Halo Reach and Crysis 2 both had two maps available)

            Right now at this point in time Bad Company 2 is the better game – hopefully this is not the case on the 27th.

            Having said that it’s free and its early so it’s all good, I have no complaint but I note that at the moment it doesn’t feel like it’s at the same level of ‘playability’ as Bad Company 2.

            Also XBL is getting hammered by this – yesterday it went out (on me at least) for more than an hour after 11pm

          • ToastyFresh, as pointed out the Beta code is possibly as old as 4weeks, + 4 weeks from release to the actual product release.. that’s nearly 2months of bug fixing..

            Even if the game has gone gold Origin allows them to patch it anytime they like. Digital Downloaders wont even know its happens and those who buy it at retail will likely have a day one patch..

            A lot can happen in that time..

            You can play semantics with the wording on Xbox all you like, but my guess is that its more likely a Microsoft and their renowned restrictions on their service that’s the culprit.. fact is that it is a beta and its been marketed as just that.

          • The download from xbox live is labelled demo. but is stamped BETA all over the BF3 screens.

          • Hmm, you’re actually right with the fact that they can quickly patch the game afterwards. Forgot about that. Thanks for pointing that out.

            Although it still sucks that they need to have a huge day-1 patch in that event.

      • i love it how the comments are about the spoilt brats demanding stuff and then ToastyFresh comes along and proves them right lol

        • I personally don’t really care what maps they choose to include. The one in the beta is fantastic and I love it. If you’d read my original comment you’d realise that all I was saying is that it seems to me a little odd that they would go to the trouble of putting the map in the beta, having it open for testing for a short while then just removing it instead of leaving it for people who wish to play it anyway.

  • Considering that the main sell point of BF3 is the expansive maps and vehicle combat, you’d think they’d want to get that right. Considering the game-crippling bugs in the beta (falling through the map, corpse glitches, client crashes) only weeks out from launch, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some day zero patches.

    Without a beta test you’d have the same issues like Brink and FallOut: New Vegas had; Horribly unplayable at launch and by the time it’s fixed, everyone has moved on.

    Sure, a lot of the complaints are immature crap, but you have to take the good with the bad.

    • The Casp Border that I played was pretty solid. I would say they focused on the vehicle combat because it does make or break the product.

      It looks to me like this Beta was more about the Battlelog and Ranking system.

  • I’ll admit I wish Caspian Border was on the Beta as well as for me Battlefield is all about vehicles.
    But I’m not having a blow-out whinge about it, I know this is a Beta and it’s more for the devs to get data to make the game right on release.

    People complain so hard about this beta as if DICE owe them something, it’s bloody ridiculous. In fact, people complain full stop. The amount of crying and whinging and “lol pc master race vs console peasant” bitching that has come from the release of this beta is disgusting.

  • Wait, it’s not as though he went ballistic and started screaming at them. “Unloads” is a pretty loaded headline to describe what the article called a measured tone.

    DICE have no obligation to anybody; if people want to complain about the free content given to them in a beta what do they expect?

  • And this is what happens when you start using betas as demos/preorder incentives… Betas are meant for testing the game, but when you use them as a carrot on a stick, people expect them to taste better.

    • That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard all day.

      Also, what’s with the screenshots we get all the time (ie. the one above) from BF3…these cinema quality pics with extreme depth of field. I know it’s a beat, but from what I’ve played on PC and Xbox, it doesn’t look anything like these shots.

  • Should have taken a “don’t like it don’t play it” approach and kicked every whinger off the beta. Maybe not the best solution PR wise but would have provided many a laugh.

  • Who cares?
    Its just another shooter, this years Medal Of Honor. Yes gamers do need to grow up….and play something else!

  • What this guy needs to understand is that we are helping them test the game and essentially fix it. Why can’t we have some fun while we do it and play with some vehicles. Most of us are going to buy it. It feels like some marketing strategy to deliberately hold out on us so we buy it.

  • Okay, I wanna complain about the beta, as NOT because of the maps, I want to complain because i only managed to play one very brief round, then the game crashed, and I haven’t been able to join a game since.

    I know it’s a beta, so I hope that when the full games out it’ll work properly, and I hope I have the ability to not use the battlelog to play, because running it from a browser is the stupidest idea ever.

    I’m still gonna buy the game, but I’m still angry at how unplayable the beta was for me.

  • Are they actually giving us something “for free”? We’re testing the game for them. In a way that’s providing them with a service. They’re acting like doing an open beta is just out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s partly us testing the game for them, and it’s partly a demo for marketing purposes.

    People got very excited by the large scale battles and air combat seen in trailers, you can hardly be surprised that they’re annoyed when the only sample of the game is an extremely linear and confined map with no vehicles. Also, the map isn’t the only complaint people have with the game.

    I managed to play Caspian Border before it got shut off, and loved it. I’d be very turned off the game if I hadn’t played it. From a marketing perspective the decision to shut it down was awful, and I don’t see how Operation Metro would have been a more suitable choice for testing. (Surely a large scale map with vehicles would be much more prone to bugs?) I saw more bugs in Caspian Border than I have so far in Metro.

    • “Are they actually giving us something “for free”?”
      – Did you pay for it? If the answer is no, then Yes – it’s free

      “We’re testing the game for them. In a way that’s providing them with a service.”
      – which the could have allocated to a much smaller and much more select group.
      The thing to keep in mind for this point is that you get to Beta test it so that YOU can enjoy a bug-free game on release.

      • “which the could have allocated to a much smaller and much more select group.”
        They did that. Then they opened it up for large scale testing, not just because they wanted us to have a try of the game, but because they had to test it and aid marketing.

        “The thing to keep in mind for this point is that you get to Beta test it so that YOU can enjoy a bug-free game on release.”
        Well yes but it’s also so they can release a bug-free game which will earn them a large amount of money on release. Game devs aren’t charities, they’re businesses.

        It just annoys me when they behave like they’re doing us some massive favour. Both the consumer and the developer get something out of this. If there’s a lot of people complaining, whether “constructively” or not, that’s pretty useful feedback for them to use. Don’t complain about criticism, just fix the things that people are criticising. Then you end up with happier consumers and more sales.

        • No, it isn’t free:

          We’re providing a service for a service. They’re giving us a demo of a game, they’re both testing and marketing the game.

          That said, whining isn’t the way to do things. Wanting another map isn’t constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is telling them what bugs there are, for instance, “I just saw a corpse gliding around the floor and up some stairs”.

          Asking for another map is missing the point of the Beta. You’re meant to be testing the map and the items they give you, not the maps and items you want.

          • True, but just because something isn’t constructive criticism doesn’t mean it isn’t useful information. If the vast majority of your users are ineloquently demanding a bigger map which is (I assume/hope) more representative of the full game, then that’s telling you people want battles to remain mostly large-scale. Which means you can devote future map packs to bigger maps, and given that half the purpose of the beta seems to be marketing, release a bigger beta map to drum up interest and sales.

            Whining about the inevitable (I mean seriously, did they not see this coming?) isn’t going to solve the problem.

  • I downloaded the beta of of psn and wasn’t impressed, boring map might as well have been call of duty or homefront or any number of military f.p.s.’s.Where were the tanks and F-18’s?
    I think a map that set BF3 apart from the pack would have been in their own interest as much of anyone else.I canceled my preorder on for the ps3 version but might pick it up for the p.c. when upgrade as I need win7 just to play and I thought the ps3 version looked ugly.

  • Easiest solution: not happy, don’t play it.
    I have pre-ordered, but I didn’t pre-order so I could play a buggy, incomplete game beforehand. That’s what all the impatient people who are playing it are for 😉

  • Well I’m having a blast. Everyone should just relax and take it easy. It’s not like you payed $100 for one map.

  • we all know if they just had the “other” map someone somewhere would have a little bitch that they didn’t have metro

  • I don’t mind the map. I just find it horribly unplayable due to lag.

    The bugs are there, but sparse and hardly game-breaking. I think once when I spawned suppressed, the suppression (blue-tinted blured vision with lower light) stayed until i was killed, and I could see through a tree once.

    All i can say, is that had I pre-ordered this game, I would be cancelling my pre-order. Mainly due to the sole issue of lag. If it was a smaller (& poorer) developer and publisher, then I would be more liable to accept it.

    AAA 100+mil budget and they can’t accommodate for enough servers in what is ultimately off-peak?

    • “The bugs are there, but sparse and hardly game-breaking. I think once when I spawned suppressed, the suppression (blue-tinted blured vision with lower light) stayed until i was killed, and I could see through a tree once. ”

      Hitting ESC seems to fix that.

  • to preface, i have the special ed. preordered, but haven’t played the demo, dont have the time atm.

    i find it a little odd though that in both this and bc2 dice has chosen to field a “beta” build, possibly months old, and this time doesn’t even allow them to gather data on vehicle use/balance/bugs.

    i was under the impression that the the purpose of a beta was to generate data on issues that may arise when the final product is released, or if possible fix them.

    as it stands i dont see how it is possible that dice can get much if any useful information other than early game infantry balance, which historically is not the focus of battlefield games.

    all this said, WAH WAH I WANNA PLAY BATTLEFIELD!!!!!

      • Well they need that because frak me it’s actually the biggest problem with the beta – the sheer number of connection drop-outs – now that may be due to large quantities of people playing – but they’ll wanna have that capacity once the game ships just incase its a big hit.

  • Still, it IS the guy’s *actual job* to deal with this stuff.

    More importantly I read this headline as “Rap” rather than “Rep” and even got my headphones out ready to listen…. 🙁

  • This is one if those rare occasions where the collective experience of gaming offered by the Internet derogates from the experience.

  • I’m gonna side with DICE rep here. When I’m playing the beta I can see how much work there is left to go in that thing. It needs a lot of polish, and that means a lot of overtime. If they don’t want to support more than one map for the beta that’s there choice. The game comes out on the 27th and from my experience in the games industry, the beta shows the game won’t be ready for release by then. But I’m still confident they’ll pull it together and get it ready by then, so go DICE go, and just ignore complainers, you’re too damn busy to be reading forums anyway.

  • Why is it when people are granted access to a free OPEN beta, they choose to complain about every little detail?

    I must admit i was a little dissapointed to hear that i wouldnt be able to play a conquest map, but i very soon got over that dissapointment and moved on with my life.

    I mean seriously, I am sure that DICE hasn’t just released a beta to the public to entice people to purchase the game (although that may be a side effect).

    Has anyone thought that perhaps this map and gametype might be the least refined of all the other gametypes/maps? I’m sure that DICE are aware that the large part of their customers really enjoy big 64 player maps with vehicles zooming around everywhere and would have worked to remove alot of the kinks already.

    If a game developer were to release a game without bugs I would be awesomely suprised. Even a game such as Minecraft which has had an extensive period of testing will most likely have many bugs on the full release of the game.

    • People complain the most during betas because it is when the devs have their ears open and are most likely to listen. But you’re totally right about people bitching because they can’t play on Caspian.

  • In my opinion, this is what happens when you have an open Beta. Gone are the days when you had to apply for beta status. I am someone who loves testing betas, giving feedback to the devs where possible. I honestly dont see how this is really a beta other than testing out the server stability with large numbers of people (something that it doesn’t seem to be handling very well)

    Add to this the fact that they really dont push for feed back (at least not on the xbox version) so it really seems more like a marketing move than a testing move.

    I am not denying that the behaviour and the attitude of the community as a whole has be terrible. I just feel they have really gone the wrong way with this whole beta thing.

  • Yes a BETA is a privilidge but If companies want to seel a product you give out free samples before it goes out for sale, Dice use to have DEMO’s that people played for FREE then if you liked it you payed for it. Now you seem to ay for it first or pre-order then you get a glimpse of the game is a BETA format.
    Seems ok but you have to read between the line with DICE
    Dice have made some great games and probabl will for a while as long as they DO listen to the community anddont put people or managers with big heads in charge its a mistake and wont be well taken.
    Personally I get over anything like that in about 3 seconds and get on with it.
    If I dont like the game I will ask for a refund, If I like it I’ll buy it and tell all my firends which way I will be going.
    Good news travels moderatley Bad news travels FAST.
    I like BF3, of course theres glitch’s etc its a demo…
    Anyway no needs for any snide remark really from anyone especiall someone such a Mastros what ever his name is, I have noticed though that he has given out some good and helpful information which no one has mentioned maybe ity was a bad time of the month fir him… give tha man a break lol
    s I would love to have a go on caspian but looks like that wont happen….

  • This rush to release is reminding me of the exact same thing that happened with MoH last year.

    Beat COD to the gates and have a massive marketing campaign – quality multiplayer be damned – and they’ll still sell their millions.

  • It was a poor map that looks like it belongs in COD or MOH rather than Battlefield. What were they expecting, praise?
    They wanted people to sing them praises of a map which cuts people down to 32 players and gives them no vehicles and linear corridors to fight in?

    Besides that beta testing is helping THEM,its meant to fix bugs, not be used as a glorified marketing tool. So no, we owe them nothing.
    Either take the criticisms good and bad and try to fix them or don’t bother asking for feedback

    Which won’t matter anyway because being three weeks away any feedback they get from the Beta is almost useless the idiots. Betas are not supposed to work this way, its just a glorified marketing stunt apparentlly now.

    • I don’t think dice was expecting a song and a praise, more they were expecting the community to be “shitcockfuck” about the beta.

      I’ve been in plenty of betas and generally this is the worst in terms of feedback. The community has gone beyond helping to simply attacking them.

      • Because its a horribly unfinished product that needs another few months of development.

        Its laggy, and buggy, it stutters. The animations feel clunky (Try jumping over a barrier), there are animations missing (reload while lying on the ground moving).

        Guild Wars 2 is still in alpha and runs better than this, with fewer bugs.

        I’ve just attemptd to play 30min of battlefield; I was rubberbanding everywhere, and every “killcam” or whatever you want to call it had tearing or textures missing. This is on PS3 mind you so its not a fault with a graphics card or anything like that.

        I was happy before today to let the devs have some lee-way, but i’ve played indie games that have <1% of the budget of this game and are in a better shape.

        I played the Bad Company 2 demo last year and it was in a much much much better shape, and a lot more enjoyable. this is actually horrible.

        • A Beta test is buggy, that’s just the way it is. This isn’t a demo.

          When playing in a beta, you’ve got to expect it to be buggy, unfinished and lack polish.

          • Then when I provide feedback what do I say?

            “Game was completely unplayable, controls were clunky, graphics were screwed over, 3-4 seconds of lag, rubberband-ing, terrain disappearing, screen tearing.

            This game will not be playable by the release date.”

            That’s seriously what I put up with this morning.

            It will seriously be unplayable at release; its what, 3 weeks away?

            As i said, GW2 is at least 4 months away from release, hasn’t started closed beta, and from the videos from the conventions it looks far more playable.

            Is it too late for DICE to start all over again? Maybe they should have spent some of their marketing budget making the game playable.

          • Don’t know what beta you were playing but when I play it doesn’t rubber band, there is minimal tearing and missing animations (mostly in replays) and controls are sadly out of our control (no binding in beta). I’m getting a good score every game now that I’ve got the hang of it and really enjoying myself.

            Did you happen to update your graphics drivers? there are 2 new ones specifically for BF3.

      • They release a free-beta one month out of the release date of a huge gaming franchise, the community goes ape-shit over how disappointed they are with the product so close to release.

        Dev’s reply, “WTF” we just gave you guys a free shot at the game you ungrateful bastards!

        I see this as a dual purpose ploy by the publisher to appeal to the Free MMOG players that have all of a sudden dominated the marketplace. The second is to do some thorough server load testing to see how well their systems perform so release is not hampered.

        Problem is they must have a product that is very close to being finished as their reaction is STRONG towards the negative comments posted about the game being somewhat unpolished and quite ‘glitchy’.

        Whether or not DICE can fix these problems before the games release date will determine the effectiveness of this “BETA”/”DEMO”

        I think that primarily this has been a marketing exercise (they knew the game was going to sell well in the first place.) on those in the free MMO and how willing they are to part with their money.

    • they likely chose the smaller map because the game mechanics that need the most testing are related to player interaction, so why not pick a map that can be played in a short time, where players are bottle-necked into combat constantly, maximizing the amount of bugs found. that’s how i see it anyway. also is it SO HARD to believe they don’t want to give everything away from their triple-A title in the beta?

  • I get where he is coming from, but I have to say I don’t like the feel of the beta, plays like a MoH clone, rather then a battlefield game

  • dont really have time to read all the comments like usual, i’ll just say that beta IS a privelege, we are getting a first look (a bloody long one at that) at one of the biggest games this year, for the sole purpose of providing REAL feedback to make the game better for its eventual release. Its not a demo, it’s going to have bugs, and the map they chose is incredible anyway, i would rather play operation metro 100 times that do another round of Firing Range, wouldn’t you? 🙂

  • I find it funny that people are complaining about a map choice. IMO the beta runs like a dog, it’s unplayable in many cases and quite frankly the worst beta/demo i’ve witnessed. They should just make it unavailable and spend time fixing said problems. Not adding to the game with feature creep and wasting time worrying about the needs of a few delusional people. Get it right or you don’t get my money. Because if the game is a glitchy as the demo, COD beater this game isn’t.

  • Well the only way i complained was to not buy their product. I tried last years game and hated it. It felt like i was moving through wet cement or in slow motion.

    I would like the oppourtunity to play the Beta, to see if its better than last years game, but i certainly wont seek it out. I dont really understand people wanting to play an incomplete game.

  • I personally loved the beta, but i think with all the advertising and videos and screens taken in game, people are forgetting what a beta is, and rather see it as a demo. Having it open makes it far worse to try and filter the crap feedback from issues that need to be fixed.

    Last week i took a look at the BF3 forum over at the EA site, and all i saw was complaining, and barely enough constructive feedback that would help Dice fix up before release. I mean a big thing for me is just to fix squads and the voice communication (didnt sound too great on bluetooth headset), but being able to suggest that to Dice is near impossible, when you have 50 threads demanding Caspian border, why the game sucks, guns being overpowered etc.

    Personally they should have kept the beta closed and maybe restrict to a invite basis (people who got chosen can invite X amount of players in) so they can at least get more bugs pointed out, and not have endless rants about what the gamers wanted. Only till they have that sorted out should they open it to the public to do server stress tests. At least then problems would be minute, and you can brush off the negative comments and focus on making sure the serveres are capable of handling it. Well thats what i think anyway

  • A free beta doesn’t feature a map that was shown in the latest trailer: Gamers rage.

    The new legend of Zelda game is delayed: Gamers rage.

    The damage the shotgun does in Gears of War is rasied/lowered: Gamers rage.

    Capcom announces a new MVC game with more characters, features and refined gameplay for a cheaper price: Gamers rage.

    Activision fires their best devs over trumped up charges so they could forcibly take ownership of the devs best selling franchise with the openly stated intention of milking it to death: Black Ops sales top $650 million in 5 days.


  • From what I’ve played on both the PC and Xbox versions of the beta this isn’t battlefield its a MoH Battlefield hybrid, and it plays like it too.

  • – The primary reason for the beta is to test large volumes of traffic, both online through the servers and how that impacts the battlelog system.

    – The usual bug fixes and weapon balancing will also occur but that is also continued post release once the stats really start coming.Just like the M60 in Bad Company 2, was overpowered and got fixed.

    – To me this seems a nothing topic, don’t let the ragers bait you, just like an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  • I pre-ordered but have only had 2 nights of playing. Now I can’t even log in to Battlelog;

    “We’re Sorry
    We are currently having issues with passwords containing
    special characters (such as &%).

    Until we have fixed this, you can change your password to
    only use alphanumeric characters at http//”

    That’s not a fix. I’m not doing that. Also the beta is incredibly buggy for a game about to go beta. I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot and I suspect they were forced to release something by EA so that Origin would gain a user base.

    • I agree with Pioneer above.

      I actually think they’re doing a great job with the beta builds. At first their were all sorts of wacky things were happening, models deforming, falling through the group, random crashes but from what I’ve seen all that has been remedied. The fixes are coming thick and fast and I believe that the beta builds do not reflect how far along they are with the game and would probably be builds to test specifically netcode and the unlock system (something the last video pointed out).

      Anyway I’ve put in a good 8 hours already and having a blast testing out the game for free.

  • I’ve put in about 12 hours of play time into the beta and although there is a lot of bugs and glitches and some of them are game breakers, it’s still a shipload of fun. To spend the amount of time it usually takes for a full game on the one map shows the gameplay is well designed and the map progresses into more and more fun areas.

    I would say that Battlefield 3 is the biggest release this year and the expectations of it are incredibly high and from what I’ve played of the beta the final release is going to be a memorable game. It’s just too bad that my respect for Battlefield fans has fallen pretty low.

    tl;dr Game is fun. Will be good for release. Grow up.

  • The only thing that I’m most annoyed about is the Battlelog and how you have to jump from game to web broswer to find a server to connect to.

    Other than that, the map is fine as I understand that it is a Beta of sorts which allows them to test and iron out bug, which will hopefully make the final release that much better.

    I would love to read or listen from DICE why their picked this method of connecting to a server instead of the in game method that they have used since BF1942?

    Can someone find anything on this decision???

  • I wouldn’t have minded a different map, but no way I’d go complaining about it. I mean… its free, so there is not much youc an complain about! lol

  • for anyone wanted a summary of the last two pages here you go; butthurt BF fanboys getting cut because everyone thinks battlefailed 3 is a horrible game.

    • ‘Battlefailed 3’??? How long did it take for you to come up with that?

      Even a cursory glance at the last page is mostly people arguing over the priorities and responsibilities of a Beta phase between testers and devs. The worst criticism from the game I’ve read is that it has technical issues… and it’s a Beta.

      This cute little canard of yours, attempting to paint it has a bad game is both baseless and pathetic.

  • If i were the leader developer and had snot nose kids bitching on my forum id track their IP and ban their IP from every playing Battlefield 3 in the future..

    • Wow! What a genius marketing concept! Some company out there should be paying you $100,000 a year for such ideas. Yes, lets ban people for criticizing our product so they won’t/can’t play it! Speaking of the above post on ‘lower IQs’…I have some bad news for you 🙁

  • I personally don’t mind what map I play on/get to play, but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t go with Caspian as the map to display in the beta, it’s quintessential battlefield.

    Not to mention it would only help them in the long run, as well as provide a better testing bed for bugs since most of the maps will probably be of that scale.

  • I’ve played 10 minutes of the beta. The first thing that came to my mind was how it didn’t look anywhere near as good as what the media has been saying it does. The gameplay seemed solid but I hope they make the graphics better. I think BF: BC2 looks better.

  • So sorry if we want to have the things we love about Battlefield in the beta. How selfish of us! In my opinion the console beta was a failure. Mostly due to the fact that players are dropped from games constantly or due to game freezes where you have to restart your console. This game is gonna be launched in 2-3 weeks! These are some major problems. As for those who act like we owe these devs something for giving us a beta, might I remind you that we’re testing this game and providing feedback for FREE! Their job is to attract us to the game in the beta and make a worthwhile product by launch. our job is the give them $60 if we like it. End of story.

  • I am loving the beta, as it shows they have put a lot of effort into the feel of close quarters on foot combat, which was in my opinion the major problem with bfbc2

  • I’m all for constructive criticism but people who whinge about something like a beta, it only displays selfishness, and a certain disrespect for the devs.

    Operation Metro has, if anything, made me all the more eager to play the game. It’s a great map and an obvious contender for beta as to not spoil the wow factor.

    I just hope there’s better squad support. And some bugs sorted.

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