Game Studies Take The Spotlight At Macquarie University’s GAME

For those with any interest in Game Studies, or video games in general for that matter, GAME – an event run by Macquarie University – is designed to showcase some of the great work currently being done in this rapidly growing field of academia.

Ian Bogost, regular Kotaku contributor and author of ‘Racing the Beam: The Atari Computer System’ will be making a keynote speech, as will Espen Aarseth, one of the early major figures of Game Studies.

“GAME is a great opportunity for the public to see the exciting work that is being done in video gaming at Macquarie University, throughout Australia, and around the globe,” said Adam Ruch, one of the organisers of the event, and another regular Kotaku contributor.

“With keynote presentations from two of the world’s most influential video games theorists: Ian Bogost and Espen Aarseth, talks from Australia’s leading game scholars, a policy debates featuring industry and government representatives, a panel discussion on the future of the video game medium, and a festival day featuring game designs workshops, competitions, prizes, game demonstrations, and other family activities, GAME has something for everyone.”

GAME takes place between October 27 and October 29. Day one will feature discussion from Dr Jeffrey Brand and ex-Deputy Director of the Classification Board Paul Hunt, amongst others, on the topic of Classification. Day two will take on the form of a more traditional academic conference – with Ian Bogost, Espen Aarseth and other Australian academics presenting their work – and day three will take the form of a more informal festival day, some of which may or may not feature Minecraft!

All of the events will take place at Macquarie’s North Ryde campus, and only day two will cost you anything! $120 for regular, hard working folks, but all students – including high school students university students, or post-graduate students from any school/college/university – are welcome to attend at the lower fee of $50.

You can find out more information about the event at the official website, which can be found here.

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