Gamers Opt Out Rescues Us From Lawsuit Prevention Clauses

Gamers Opt Out Rescues Us From Lawsuit Prevention Clauses

With a supreme court decision earlier this year making it legal for companies to include do-not-sue clauses in their user agreements, the only recourse for customers of companies like Sony and Electronic Arts is to opt-out of the clause via written letter. Now there’s a website that does it for them.

In an age where electronic communication is king and digital distribution is a core focus, requiring customers to send in a written notice to opt out of a specific clause in a user agreement is a strategic inconvenience. Sony and EA obviously don’t want customers to dodge these clauses. Otherwise they would have included a check box for it, just like the check box used to agree to the terms of service in the first place.

Gamers Opt Out was formed to take some of the inconvenience out of the process.

Gamers Opt Out is a collective of gamers who are sick of absurd EULAs from game companies. These EULAs have clauses preventing class-action lawsuits, though you can opt out of the clauses by sending a letter. We want to make it easier for everyone to opt out because Sony, EA, et al, believe most people won’t bother to. Let’s show them they’re wrong.

Via a convenient form located on the Gamers Opt Out website, Sony and EA customers can quickly generate their own opt out letters, which the donation-powered website will then mail completely free-of-charge. What a beautiful idea.

Even if you don’t feel the need to Opt Out, I urge you to visit the website and perhaps drop a couple bucks in the donation slot to help cover postage. This is the kind of community spirit gamers really need to foster.

Gamers Opt Out [Official Website via Boing Boing]


    • Seriously – you’re providing someone with your account name, full residential address, and email address. Can anyone say account compromised?

      “Dear Sony/EA! I totally forgot my password. Here’s my email address and full residential address, which should match my billing info if on file. Can I change my email address to and get a new password? THANKS!”

  • Tried it, and unless I’m missing something, there’s no Proceed or Generate or whatever button to complete the process.

    Not looking good Mike…

  • Conspiracy theory time! I reckon this site was put up by Sony and/or EA. The idea being that people, being lazy by nature, will just use this site rather than sending letters themselves. The site collects the relevant info, tells you it’ll send the letter on your behalf, and then basically does nothing. So no letter gets sent, you’re not opted out, and you can’t join a class action against them.

    Seriously, if you actually care about this stuff then you should care enough to send the letter yourself to make sure it gets done. Otherwise you’re entrusting your legal rights to a bunch of people you don’t know from Adam.

  • A whois search on the domain name will net you the personal details of the bloke that set it all up. That much it all looks legit.

  • How about no prevention method at all.

    “We are going to come rape you in the ass, please sent us a letter if you don’t wish to have this happen.”

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