Gear Of War 3 Easter Egg Reveals Marcus Fenix's Favourite Arcade Game

Things are grim on Sera in Gears of War 3. People — important ones, even — are dying. The Lambent seem to be ready to overrun the entire planet. The whole game's one big emo-pocalypse.

Good thing, Epic laid a bunch of easter eggs through the best-selling shooter. So far we've seen the Cluckshot, Cole Train on a playground and a reference to Cliff Bleszinski's old-school Jazz Jackrabbit game way back in the multiplayer beta.

The latest hidden gag lets you play a decrepit stand-up arcade machine called Sawed-Off Chicken. It takes a little hunting to find it and a few kicks to get the thing going, but once it starts, you get to control an angry bird wearing a COG helmet and dual-wielding two lethal shotties. Mr Chicken faces up against a horde of Lambent Polyps, just like Marcus and crew do. With this latest easter egg, can a Jazz Jackrabbit revival be far behind?

New Gears of War 3 Easter Egg: Sawed Off Chicken Arcade Game [Gamer Euphoria]


    Another Easter egg is act 1 chapter 4 (in the stadium) using cole walk up to one of the cardboard cut outs in the merch store and cole bow wears a hat you can choose forward or backwards :)

      That's nothing :P Near there is an object you can interact with "Cole Train runs on whole grain baby. WHoo!!" on Insane, if you keep pressing it, over and over, he eventually says his epic speech from Gears 2 (the one with "Oh, mommy, don't let the bad man hurt us--F*CK YOU")

        Actually, it doesn't need to be on Insane. Awesome, though.

        I think it's probably only the Cluckshot that needs to be done on Insane.

    Those things have nothing on the giant, golden, lambent fire breathing chicken in Act 1 on the ship.

      Other way around; that chicken can die.

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