Gears Of War 3 Dents Call Of Duty's Xbox Live Dominance

Gears of War 3 was the second most popular game on Xbox Live on the week it launched, topping Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but failing to unseat the 10-month-old Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The rankings for the week starting September 19 were posted by official Xbox Live spokesperson Major Nelson. The ranked list of 20 most-played games on Xbox LIve for that week included four Call of Duty games, as well as sports games, Grand Theft Auto IV and other. Gears of War 3, a new entrant, debuted in the number two position.

The folks at Epic Games have not hid their desire to make Gears an online gaming juggernaut, expanding the series' competitive and co-op multiplayer options with September 20's Gears of War 3. They were successful enough to knock the two-year-old MW2 down a slot. But Black Ops, owned by more millions of people than the Gears of War 3 (we're talking well over 10 million compared to three million and counting for Gears 3), still reigns.

Black Ops and MW2 have been the top two games as recently as late August and tend to dominate these regular lists posted by Major Nelson.

Black Ops was probably helped during Gears' launch week not just by its much bigger player base but by its creators' continued support of new content. The latest multipalyer expansion to that game released just last month, keeping that game's online fresh well past the point when most shooters stop getting new stuff for gamers to play with.

People used to compare Call of Duty's spot on Major Nelson's chart with the still-strong Halo games and a comparison to the upcoming anti-CoD, Battlefield 3 is guaranteed. But Gears has made its first strike. In this realm its the underdog. Can it make it to the top?

LIVE Activity for week of September 19th [Major Nelson]


    They should be extremely proud of at least knocking MW2 down a spot!

    Gears 3 is the only game that's brought me back to the 360 since I got my PS3 and kept me there.


      Yeah I feel like that sometimes. People can play what they like it's not my business at all but the effect it has on other developers and journalism, people asking me if I play call of duty etc is what makes me wish that too. It has a direct effect on my life that I can't hide from, like politics & religion.


      you need to die. hurry up and stop stealing my oxygen.

      I dislike COD as well, but that's overkill. Let the people who enjoy COD play it. That's what they like. If they ever leave their little COD bubble they may find that there are better games out there. Also while they're playing COD we don't have to put up with them on Gears multilayer.
      Also Gears3 story impressed me and I enjoyed it immensely

    Maybe all the CoD kids heard that the story in Gears3 was better then Black Ops and are avoiding it out of fear that they might get emotionally attached.

    Or maybe their parents haven't bought it for their free birthday or Christmas game yet.

      Damn html tags. Seriously if HTML tags are allowed then have that be painfully obvious by a, setting up accounts like KotakuUS has (the only thing they've done right) and b, having buttons that can insert said tags etc.

      Either way, what I wrote was;

      *Insert immature statement about how immature CoD players are whilst being completely unaware of how hypocritical I am*

    gears 3 is fantastic. ive played maybe 20 hours online already, which for me is heaps. epic have my dlc money sewn up.

    I got gears 3 2 days before a week long holiday. From what I've played it's great online. It seems to be easier to cut down summersault shot gunners in this one. The campaign was great also. It hadn't a different feel to 1 and 2 but I think it's a good thing.

    Why anyone would choose to play Blops after playing even a few minutes of Gears is totally beyond me.

    Yeah I'm loving it, the gameplay is great online for a change :)

    I'm not a COD hater, but I've definately been turned off the game since black ops. Its just a bit too much of the same for me now

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