Gears Of War Designer Isn't Sick Of Gears Of War

Now that Gears of War 3 is out and reviewed, it's time to talk about future Gears games. Because, why not? Those games make cashola! And Gears designer Cliff Bleszinski isn't sick of them. Yet.

Bleszinski told Develop that "there's the long history of this war, tons of different stories to tell and thematically if you figure what makes a Gears game in the future, there's a lot of different directions we could go in."

"I'm not burnt out on it anywhere as some might assume or think," the game designer added.

Continuing, the Gears designer pointed to Halo and Call of Duty sales, and that Gears hasn't yet reached those numbers. Gears of War 3 wasn't able to topple the 10-month-old Call of Duty: Black Ops from the top spot on Xbox Live.

"I'm hoping Gears of War 3 brings us closer to that point," said Bleszinski. "People forgot also that we're only the third game of the series."

Gears of War 3 was the third game in a trilogy.

"There's been a couple more Halo's and a few more Call of Duty's so who knows, maybe we'll be able to build upon that success."

Once upon a time, Square Enix must have thought the same thing about Final Fantasy.

Cliffy B talks Gears of War 4 [MCVUK]


    Gears is definitely ripe for some prequel material.

    My hope for a new Gears trilogy is perhaps an entirely new one focusing on E day. I don't want to see Marcus rebuilding after Gears 3.

    They need a better writer, am I the only one who thought that Gears 3 story climaxed early?

    And I could go for some prequels or games focusing on other characters. Maybe one based around Cole and Baird rather than Marcus and Dom.

      Yeah I agree. I think completely killing off the Locust was a mistake.

      I have a gut feeling the campaign DLC will be about Cole and Bairds adventures to get reinforcements for the Assault on Azura.

        Thanks for that Brett, I hadn't played it yet. Spoiler warning next time.

    Jaysus. I love Gears, but MAKE SOME NEW IP ALREADY. You have all these resources at your disposal! Don't rehash, innovate!

      The "Gears or War" brand can be extended to cover other fictional universes.

      I think if we are getting a new IP it won't be until the launch of the new Microsoft and Sony consoles in the future.

      A whopping three Gears games and you're after some new IP? Talk about impatient.

    Pendulum wars! also the engine can be used for a lot of things, Beast mode has showed the potential of that.

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