Get A Cerberus Flush With Mass Effect (and Dragon Age) Playing Cards

Dark Horse's merchandise wing have put together two welcome, if unexpected pieces of Mass Effect and Dragon Age merchandise: decks of playing cards.

The decks feature character art from both series, and at the moment are going for the decidedly affordable price of $US4. What I need to know before buying, though, is whether the Mass Effect cards actually use Joker for the Joker cards.

The Dragon Age cards aren't pictured, but both will be available in mid-November.

Mass Effect Playing Cards [Dark Horse]


    Pre-ordered the Mass Effect ones yesterday :)

    It's about $10-12 once shipping to Australia is included.

    I'll surely be getting a deck of these.

    Hmmm, I wonder what the Joker card will be???

    There better be a Femshep in the deck. Not that I'm holding my breath >:/

    Heh, anyone notice that Miranda is the Queen of Spades? Someone who designed this deck plays Hearts. :D

    mmm I just ordered 3 decks. 1 to keep, 1 to play with (sober) and one to play drinking games with!

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