Get A Sneak Peek At Diablo III's Items, Weapons And Armour

Even though most of you aren't playing the game yet, Blizzard still wants you to get to grips with the world of Diablo III. So the developer has opened a new section on the game's site where you can check out a lot of the game's early items and weapons.

These are of course just the "starters", the list not showing what the items will look like (or their stats) once you've crafted and modified them to hell and high water.

You'll find armour, weapons, potions and recipes all at the link below, waiting for your pre-emptive perusal.

ITEMS [Diablo III]


    I'm still a bit cut that I didn't get in the beta; been looking forward to this game since even before it was announced.

      also, way to rub it in...

      I know the feeling. But I'm pretty sure all the people that signed up for the beta have been looking forward to this game since after they released Lord of Destruction. So we were just the ones that missed out..they're extending the beta so don't give up hope completely..

    i've been waiting since d1...

    Whinge some more people.... OMG I didn't get a beta key WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. You're no better than the 3000 idiots posting on the D3 forums asking for a beta key.

    Each week they release more and more keys to stress test their servers. You think because you missed out in the first weeks of the beta that you won't get a key?? F*cking cry babies seriously.

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