Get To Know Your Guns In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's New Weapons Trailer

Actvision's producers talk about the new ways that weapons usage will change in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It sounds like the more you use a particular gun, the better it gets. Peep all of that and new weapons in this clip.


    I would watch this but I'm too busy playing Battlefield 3. Jkjk.

    I'm no huge fan of either COD or Battlefield but doesn't the proficiency pretty much just the old perks system from Black Ops?

      The perks have been around for a lot longer than Blops, dude. Also, I think this is just for the weapon and you get to have perks also.

    i agree

    Weapon profficiencies make the player better? LOL. it makes the noobs better cause they can't aim, a good player doesn't need a gun to shoot better, they are pro's because they can use stock weapons, this is problem with this game. are these developers even playing their own game or just coming with ways to make it easier and easier?

      This is my concern as well. There are enough stupid school kids playing tons of CoD, but now they'll advance their proficiencies faster than players like me (working full time etc). Does that mean the game penalises me for having a life????

        All online multiplayer games penalise you for having a life.

          True, but this scheme seems to just amplify the problem. Similar to anonymouse below, without the proficiency system, the game would automatically reward players for spending large amoutns of time playing. They probably are already good enough to have high kdr's while other players who can't spend the time just have to suffer. I found modern warfare 2 was still reasonably flat.

          But this stuff just seems to say, 'You haven't been able to play as much. Therefore, I'm going to give the other players bonuses and assistance, and you just have to take it up the rear. kthxbye.'

        No, what's stupid is when I'm playing a game of whatever mode, and get matched up against someone who has 20 kills and 1 death, when my career KDR is 0.51.

        This is nothing compared to the Prestige Points Bowling announced earlier this week. He said for those who prestiged in CoD4, WaW, MW2 and Blops, you'll get points to spend on launch in the game, now if you get a point for each prestige you've been, the people with no lives will have a massive advantage, i really see no point in trying to play.

        I never play MP for serious, only fun, and it's ruined by people who take it serious, have clan teams, and you get smashed and theres nothing you can do about it. it would be better if the matchmaking also included KDR, then at least it keeps campers, and no lives in one game, and others who play casually in another

    It's so irritating to watch them shoot using console pads. They aim left or right of the play then spray onto the player sweeping back and forth hoping to kill them.

    Well, for someone who's actually not bad online, I'm excited by the changes.

    Also, complaining about 12 year olds who have no lives and spend day in/out playing games is nothing unique to Call of Duty. Every game that has a progressive competitive component gets measured up within the first few months of play. People learn the best spots, learn weapon quirks, so on and so forth. The games that don't, are either co-op or have only began experimenting with multiplayer.

    Like everything else, if you want to be good at it, dedicate some time. Can't or won't? Tough ****.

      Clearly multiplayer games should reward practice. But proficiencies and prstige points do seem a little excessive to me. A good player will always learn the choke points, best weapons for situations, tactics etc. But with proficiencies and prestige points, even a dumb player who puts lots of time in game up and have a significant advantage over a good player who hasn't been able to put in as much time.

      It's all a bit academic right now, since none of us have been able to try things out to see how much they affect the game. But I still feel as though the system they're using here unfairly punishes casual players by providing so many enhancements to more 'dedicated' players, almost regardless of skill.

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