Get Your Tentacles All Over Prototype 2 At New York Comic-Con

The first Prototype game turned pretty much turned New York City into a giant, smoking pile of rubble infected with genetic abominations. So, of course, it makes sense to hype up next year's sequel at the Big Apple's premier nerdfest.

Developers Radical Entertainment will be unveiling two playable levels at the con, as well as the next story-centric trailer for the Activision-published game. One hands-on slice of the game will let fans sample the single-player action, while another called Rampage Challenge sounds like it has you focusing on creating as much damage as possible for a high score.

There'll be the usual assortment of t-shirts and wearable plastics, too, but you'll be able to score more substantial loot during the weekend. Activision's going to hold a Twitter sweepstakes where anyone using the #prototype2 hashtag gets a chance to win a customised Xbox 360 skinned with the likeness of Prototype 2 anti-hero Sgt. James Heller. Not a bad line-up of Protothingies to do. Just don't actually blow anything up, Activision.


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