Go In-Depth With Call Of Duty Elite's "Improve" Features

Call of Duty's online social hub (dubbed "Elite") revolves around three main features. "Connect" allows players to network with one another in a number of different ways, and provides a social network for players to communicate. "Compete" lets players set up their own brackets and tournaments, or compete for prizes in Activision-sponsored official events. And "Improve" lets players analyse their performance and better understand maps, weapon loadouts, and their own tendencies.

In this video, the folks at Beachhead who have been working on the systems detail the various ways that players will be able to deconstruct maps, get map-specific strategy tips, watch weapon videos that demo how each gun in the game works, and how your own skills measure up.

As lackluster as my COD multiplayer skills are, I could certainly imagine how drilling down into my performance stats and learning maps via an overhead imagery could tangibly help me improve.

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    Yeah, I think I'm going to be using the 'improve' feature a fair bit.

    It depends on how it's implemented on xbox though.

    COD Strategy 101: Just survive long enough to get AC130/Chopper Gunner... there you go, saved u some money :-P

      Shoot fella's, don't get shot.

      So simple, even your mother could do it!

        amazing advice.... HERE! TAKE ME MONEY!

    This ones for McGarnical,


    so who develops these mystical strats?
    pretty sure id rather just learn from playing rather than paying.

    only reason ill elite is if theres an overall monetary benefit when obtaining new maps packs etc.

    Just tried to log-in/open an account on the site... it's like pulling teeth. Over half a dozen attempts and it keeps on flashing up that my password is invalid when registering it, but with no other information.

    However if you log in through FB and let Activision access all your profile info, day and night, whenever they want to whatever depth they want, posting on your behalf and all that. It's a mere 1 button connection.

    Fuck. That.

      They've shut down elite until the release of MW3.

      the beta is closed you moron

      Your password NEEDS to have ONE upper-case letter, ONE lower-case letter and ONE number, at least.

    oh here we go, $50 to learn not to sprint around corners, 80% of a shooter is your reaction time

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