GoldenEye Paintball Mode Not A Retail Exclusive In Australia

In the US, if you want your copy of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded to come with the paintball multiplayer mode, you'll have to buy it from GameStop. In the UK, it's a GAME exclusive. And in Australia? You can get it anywhere you like, baby.

Initially announced as a pre-order exclusive in the US, the game's paintball mode was later revealed to be a GameStop exclusive, so if anyone wanted their copy of the game to come to with this mode they had to head to the US retailer. Over the weekend it was announced that UK buyers would be facing similar restrictions, with GAME securing the exclusive to the paintball mode.

Kotaku AU spoke with a local Activision representative who confirmed that there will be no retail exclusives for the Australian market. Instead, players will be able to unlock the mode by progressing through the game.

[CORRECTION: Due to some miscommunication we would like to correct this post by saying that the Paintball mode will not be available to Australia at all. We apologise for the confusion.]


    Progressing through the game to unlock instead of retailer exclusive pre-order DLC, now thers a concept that may work... seems so old school

      What about progressing through a game to unlock a unique code that you have to take to a specific retailer (along with a purchase above $XX) to unlock DLC in the game?

    should be standard.

      Im waiting til the day that manuals are exclusive to Game and cases are exclusive to EB

    When I read the title, I thought it said we were not getting paintball mode at all.

    Good to see it's a progession unlock.

    Still not going to buy it, not when they've replaced Bond with Daniel Craig and released the game just for a cash grab.

    Childhood intact!

    I like the part how Tracey said "Baby". It made me think of awesome cop shows from the 1990's where the male police officers used say it!


      what the idea of progression or the "baby"?

    All the more to goto GAME, EB games are rubbish!

    I wonder if this means that you can do the same for the versions released in other territories, and the pre-order bonus is simply an early unlock?

    So we pay an extra $40 in Australia for this privilege?

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