GoldenEye’s Paintball Mode Is Preorder DLC Only, Even Though It’s On The Disc

GoldenEye’s Paintball Mode Is Preorder DLC Only, Even Though It’s On The Disc

GoldenEye’s “paintball” multiplayer mode, something won at a hard cost on the Nintendo 64 original, is a pre-order downloadable content exclusive, GiantBomb reports. It is not unlockable without a code from GameStop, which will be given out only for preorders of GoldenEye 007:Reloaded on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Earlier in the week, word spread that Paintball mode, which Nintendo 64 enthusiasts won after beating the game’s Dam stage on Secret Agent difficulty in two minutes, 40 seconds, would be unlockable via in-game progression. Thursday, Activision reps told GiantBomb that wasn’t the case.

It’s still available as an offline mode for the game’s Mi6 Ops missions, a special singleplayer mode against bot opponents in familiar multiplayer setups. That said, if the host of an online multiplayer match has paintball mode enabled, opponents who do not have the paintball DLC still will see it–meaning the content itself is on the disc.

Does this mean it’s going to be sold later to those who bought the game but didn’t preorder it from from GameStop? “All DLC is TBA, nothing is confirmed yet,,” the rep told GiantBomb.

Locked Up: Activision Flip Flops on GoldenEye’s Paintball Mode [GiantBomb]


    • So much this, I remember fondly using cheat planet on the tony hawk games haha.

      Back in the good old days. . . .

      • I don’t understand your point.

        Are you saying the reason there’s DLC is because some people pirate the game? How is that a reason to charge extra to those who buy the game legitimately?

        • This. In the most case, those who pirate often can’t use the DLC without difficulty.

          Here’s how the piracy/legitimate thing works. Piracy> download, crack, play.

          Legitimate purchase> License agreement> piracy warning> install/download> play> buy on-disc dlc you already own> play.

          Honestly, and they wonder why people pirate.

          • case in point: when Dawn of War 2 came out, it refused to patch on Steam, meaning I couldn’t play it for the whole first week of release. I ended up downloading the patch for it off a torrent (intended for people who’d pirated the game and obviously couldn’t update it via Steam) and that got me good to go…

    • I remember when, those days you use to have an video game on, and the outside of, it used to be free, for the time..when you were at it.

  • yeah i was considering buying this game but now i know they are going to dollar and dime us over a game that has no proven IP in recen times WELL F*CK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The DLC economy continues to get it’s tentacles into every crevice it can.
    America’s debt will be paid in no time if this continues.

  • I remember being in forums telling people of all these types of things happening by this point and I was called “stupid” and “hater” and many other insulting things. But thank god for greed proving me right

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