Gran Turismo 5 Next Big Update Adds More NASCAR, More Interiors And Cuts Load Times

PlayStation 3 racing sim Gran Turismo 5 continues to evolve with the promised "Spec 2" update, Sony and developer Polyphony Digital announced today, giving virtual drivers more to see and do as the game approaches its first birthday.

Gran Turismo 5's "Spec 2" update adds interiors for all cars in the game, albeit of varying quality. The update also includes the 2011 season versions of the 11 NASCAR race cars, "greatly reduced load times when loading races," and the ability to save mid-race during some of GT5's lengthier races.

There's more, including an expanded Photo Mode, and a new budget friendly priced for Gran Turimso 5 (now $US39.99 USD), all of which is laid out in greater detail at the official PlayStation blog.

Gran Turismo 5: New Free Updates, DLC, and Price Drop []


    Is this still selling?

    After the shoddy state in which it was released VS the asking price, I can't believe that enough ppl bought it for it to have paid for it's own development.

    Can anyone confirm this?

      6.37 million, according to Wikipedia. And that's not counting another 5.2 million copies of GT5 Prologue. So yeah, that would have covered their costs quite comfortably.

        Forgot ze link...

        I'm not sure what date those figures were from, so it may have sold more since then.

          iirc when they announced the sales figures for GT_PSP (which pushed gt5 back grrr), it had sold enough copies to cover the cost of the entire gt5 development. lots and lots of monies.

      Well, to be honest, I only bought it a month ago. It was the collector's edition as well. It was going cheap at Game.

      Great game. Well worth the money. No idea what state it was released in, but seems to be fine after I went through the obligatory patch download.

      i bought it at release and played shitloads of it in the first couple of months. It has definitely gotten quicker and better since the patches though. Its an awesome game, lots to do, and you will never master it

    I'm pretty sure that GT5 sold extremely well overseas....

    I almost got it, there was so much hype about it being the prettiest racing game ever, but yeah, gamespot pointed out half the tracks are lifted directly from PS2 with no new updates, and only 15% of cars have that cool interior view.

    Meh. Forza 4 is out next week.

      Forza 4 is out next week? Meh.

    Yay, Nascar!

    The most boring fucking form of motor racing on the planet.

      You're just saying that because you're not poor and stupid enough to appreciate NASCAR.

      To watch, sure. To drive, well, weaving around cars going at 200-300kph would be hair-raising.

    Cute... Anybody played Forza4 demo yet.. Easily better than Gt5, which is such a Dissapointing game at least maybe this spec update will fix that fingers crossed

      Yeah played the demo.
      Forza drives very differently to GT5, I prefer it's mechanics and the games navigation system.
      The engine sounds are also alot better.

    Swap "GT" with Mortal Kombat, then swap "Forza" with "Street Fighter" Sony for Sega and Microsoft for Nintendo.

    Swap update, version, sequel whatever with words like, 'Super', 'Alpha' and 'Ultimate'

    ...been reading the same thing for the last 20 years guys. You have consoles and games, horses-courses. Go play some games. When it comes down to it, all that matters in the schoolyard is can you win everytime in both.

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