Gran Turismo 5’s DLC Is $US12 For A Smorgasbord Of Stuff

Gran Turismo 5’s DLC Is $US12 For A Smorgasbord Of Stuff

Along with its big update, which is free, Gran Turismo 5 is also getting some paid DLC, which includes new cars, new courses, new clothes and… new paint colours.

There will be four packs made available on October 18. One has 15 new cars, including the Red Bull X2011, touring cars and three karts. It’s $US8. One has two new tracks, including SPA-Francorchamps. It’s $US5. One has 90 items of “racing gear” to dress your driving avatar in, for $US3, and the last includes 100 new colours to paint your cars with, with that pack going for $US2.

Because that adds up to be quite a bit for what you’re getting, you can save a bit of cash and buy it all for $US12.

October 18 DLC [Gran Turismo]


  • Look forward to trying out Spa. Will probably buy the complete pack as well since your basically getting the other 2 packs for free.

    btw, i love how the AU part of the EU GT site shows the price in pounds lol.

    • I should started playing GT on a US account. Charging 1/2 the price of the full game for one circuit and a few cars… Codemasters I’m blaming you for all of this!

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