Grand Theft Auto III On iOS Looks Better Than You Remember

Hot on the heels of the announcement earlier today, Rockstar Games made the 10th anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto IIIavailable for attendees to play. After about 10 minutes of hands-on time with the game running on an iPad 2, there's no mistaking that GTA III on iOS is a loving port of the game that catapulted Rockstar to the top echelon of game developers.

The up-rezzed graphics become immediately apparent, with tons more detail on character faces and clothes. What I played of the game runs smoothly, with no hitches or freezes. A little bit of pop-up showed up while driving, but wasn't so egregious as to spoil the experience.

Control-wise, it supports either touch or accelerometer controls and will even support suction cup joysticks that attach to the tablet like the Fling. A virtual circle pad on the left controls movement with buttons on the right for running, jumping and punching. These controls pop in and out depending on context, so when a car pulls up, a car button shows up. Pushing it launches a carjack encounter, which, of course, can become a fight. Once in the car, buttons for brake, accelerator and horn pop up. The left navigation circle pad changes into two arrows for steering, too. It felt like I might like the motion control steering more but that might change with more time with the game.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto III iOS felt very close to the delivery experience by the PS2 a decade ago, except this time it's in the palm of your hand.


    I want this on my WP7.

      ^ this
      + 1

        Definitely. Microsoft should absolutely be doing everything they can to promote Xbox on WP7; right now they are doing nothing. We need excellent high profile titles like GTA3 to match the competition and in house utilisation of Microsoft IP to seal the deal.

    I wasn't a fan of the touch controls in the iPad version of China Town Wars, hopefully they're better here, buy either way this and the Max Payne port are interesting prospects.

    Even IF it came out on WP7, I still wouldnt get it. Controls would be awful... Loved it on the PC and cant imagine trying to play it on a 4" screen (or even smaller >_<"). Nevermind having to tilt the screen to drive :/

    Stylus would work well for shooting (tap where you want to shoot)...

    Will it run on a 4 or 4s?

      I seriously hope so, this looks great :)

      Never actually got around to clockin' GTA3, so I'd love to do it in my spare time.

    Given they are still porting these games to every platform under the sun...

    HD Versions for consoles!!!!

    It could look like Crysis but the controls would still be inferior to a gamepad.

    I'd be interested to see how this compares to the Gangstar series by Gameloft (very similar games released only for mobile devices) in terms of price and graphics.

    Why would i want to play this on my mobile phone?

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