Grand Theft Auto V To Be Revealed Next Week

On November 2, Rockstar will release the debut trailer for the fifth main game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Previously unconfirmed, the above logo is our first official sight of anything to do with the game, though there have been strong rumours for a while now that the title would be based in Los Santos, the series' version of Los Angeles.


    Will it actually be good this time? GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas were awesome but GTA4 sucked balls and the only thing worthwhile to come from it is the modding community.

      GTA IV was the first GTA I actually cared about. That and Chinatown Wars on the DS were my favourites/

        +1. The tone and story just clicked for me, more than the others.

        I find it funny that the drug dealing aspect of China Town Wars got pretty much no media attention but if it gets used in GTA5 it would bring the house down. I hope they include it though it was one of my favorite aspects of that game and made more sense as part of the world as opposed to delivering pizzas or being a fireman.

        I'm yet to care about one >_>

        GTA 4 was a pretty damn good game.. I enjoyed it more than I did 3 or VC. Never really got to play SA :\

      GTA4 was absolutely incredible.

      GTA IV was a very decent game, sure it wasn't as good as Vice City, but it wasn't as bad as you seem to think.

      I wouldn't put it quite like that...

      For me, GTA IV was definitely a lot less fun than San Andreas and Vice City, but it had a hell of a lot better story, coupled with the graphics and the physics system, made it awesome.

      IV was easily the most polished of the series, but I agree that their efforts to "go serious" didn't work out as they intended.

      Instead of a complex, unwilling hero, we got a guy who was there to start a new, peaceful life one minute and there to seek bloody revenge on an old comrade the next. I just could not buy into a character that was so all over the place in terms of motivation. If my character is going to be a gun-toting jerk, let's just admit it and get on with it! It worked well in the previous games...and in SR2.

      What I really did enjoy was seeing the stories of the diamonds and the drugs play out from multiple angles as I got through the Episodes - but a lot of IV somehow ended up as much effort as enjoyment.



    Saint's Row 3 is out November 18th, so eh.

      Mr. Waffle also gets it.

      Saints Row has taken the crown for fun, open world crime and chaos. GTA4 tried to be too serious and took away everything that made GTA a great series.

        There goes Chazz again with his pessimism.

      agreed. i had more fun in SR2 than i realised i ever had in GTAIV

      Though im still intrigued as who what ethnicity will the main character be though in GTAV.

        *as to what ethnicity will the next character be in GTAV

        wow my grammar is atrocious

      Indeed (^_^) way more excited about that coming out!

    Fix your driving mechanics and become more crazy.

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the midst of such a crazy 2 months of releases, this is suddenly the game I care about the most.

    I think Chazz is onto something.

    GTA was more entertaining when it was fun and silly and comedically-sociopathic.

    I don't want my crime sims to be serious heartrending tales of pain and redemption.

    The silly campy 80's atmosphere of Vice City is the kind of direction GTA should go in. Not serious gritty realism and deep meaningful feelings.

      This guy gets it.

        This guy doesn't get it.

          This guy gets that they don't get it

      I really don't think IV was about gritty realism and deep meaningful feelings at all, it's a world of satire. You can't expect a player to be taking what a character is saying seriously whilst they are simultaneously backing over an old woman whilst parking :D

    GTA IV sucked go back to the San Andreas style game, please!

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited!
    I'm glad it's only a week wait rather than months!

    Hrmm I remember being disappointed when they announced they were doing Lib City again but was relieved when it was recreated which turned out great. I would like to see LA re-done in Los Santos, much more than NY which is JUST the city, LA is more diverse. But I would like to see Rockstar venture outside of the US.

    I get the whole American Dream making it big vibe they roll with, but I was excited with those countless London rumours years back. When I saw the green I thought Ireland at first and imagined access to England/London on some missions - but fat chance of that happening really.

    I will admit GTA IV wasn't my favourite GTA entry but it still is a great game. I remember seeing the graphics for the first time and freaked out at how great they were for a GTA game. San Andreas & Vice City will forever be in my heart, countless hours playing and replaying, aiming for 100% completion. SA would probably come out on top due to sheer amount of missions, area and diversity of the map and the activities but Vice City probably has the coolest setting.

      Time to do London, I think. Make it like a Guy Ritchie movie, with Jason Statham as the main dude. This is a fantastic idea, so it won't happen.

        Now THAT would be a GTA game and be the potential for an awesome movie as well :P

        Actually the first GTA had two London mission packs.

      I doubt it, the pattern on the V looks a hell of a lot like the pattern on the US currency, so I'm going with a city based on Washington DC.


    Totally unexpected..

    I can see the point some of you are making about IV missing the 'fun' or stupidity factor.. I have faith that Rockstar will come through with the goods..

    I see why people want GTA to just be over-the-top silly explosions, ridiculous weapons and killing large numbers of people en masse. However, there are plenty of games that cover that sort of genre (Saint's Row, Just Cause) and it depends on the angle that Rockstar wants to play. GTA was satirical, both in the characters (a steroid-pumping, chop-shop running, bisexual and insecure Kibbutz comes to mind), and the radio stations, TV, ads, conversations on the street and even behaviours were all amusing if you actually paid attention to them. This is the subtler humour that underlines the games that make an impact upon the wider community; sure, any developer could code Postal and release it to all who just want to hack and slash anything in sight, but there wouldn't be any truly plausible story to it. On the other hand, it's entirely possible to go to the other extreme and have all story and no sideshow attractions (Mafia II), which gives the game no replay value and usually ends completely unsatisfactorily.
    GTA IV, for better or for worse, was a story with a game woven around it. Whether this is a sign of increasing maturity of the developers at Rockstar, or a sign of betrayal of the original fanbase, players should let themselves be immersed by the huge world and the emotion of Nico Bellic. After all, that's what you remember at the end.

      All I remember is never being able to peacefully do what I wanted when I wanted because I kept getting harassed by phone calls.

      GTA4 was like Black Ops, it made the sales numbers it did based on the PREVIOUS games. The ones that were "over-the-top silly explosions, ridiculous weapons and killing large numbers of people en masse."

        You should have hung up. I did, and went on to do what I wanted and when I wanted.

        I disagree, GTAIV has got a lot of serious praise from adults who like playing mature video games, precisely because it has that sort of satirical humour and grittiness.

        Who knows, maybe there's even a bigger audience for a game that combines the potential for silly explosions with a more mature story that has that subtle humour and satire. I loved GTAIV, and clearly Rockstar are confident that they're on a winning formula.

          "GTAIV has got a lot of serious praise from adults who like playing mature video games"

          Then they can go play other games that match what they're after.

          You don't see producers making a Porky's 4 that's a gritty crime drama.

          If people want a more mature game then go elsewhere. Leave GTA to it's silly, over-the-top humour and gameplay.

            You're missing his point; completely fufilling your expectations of the franchise would compromise the story. That's all he is saying. As for Porky, well, that's not really a fair comparison, is it?

              Oh yes, we dare not compromise the thing that was always the least important aspect of a GTA game :S

                I've always considered story to be the thing that makes GTA stand out.

            We'll have to see what happens, I guess.

            You could argue that people who want 'explosions pew pew pew' can go play games that match what they're after, too ;) There's certainly no shortage of them (Saint's Row, say).

            I think GTA has a nice middle ground, and it's definitely not a bad thing that they're trying to include something more mature. The game didn't win nearly universal praise for nothing.

              You could argue the opposite indeed but it'd be silly to do so since what made GTA a popular series was it's open world chaos, explosions and pew pew pew, not the story.

            I'm happy for them to go further down the "gritty and realistic" path for GTA5. Saints Row has got the "crazy stupid fun" angle covered, so I'd prefer it if the two franchises continued to distinguish themselves from each other.

            Besides, from what I've seen, they'd have to try pretty hard to out-crazy Saints Row 3. Best if they not even attempt it.

            The worst parts about GTA IV were when it went back to that silly kind of gameplay. But I think they learned their lesson and the fifth game will be even more serious and realistic.

            As someone else said earlier, people who want camp and silliness have it covered in Saints Row.

        Call of Duty is an old franchise in that it has had many installments. Call of Duty (1) was actually my first foray into FPS games (previously most had been RTS), and there was something in there that appealed to me. That thing was the lives of the soldiers you played.

        Gameplay mechanics? They were passable. Scripted, but passable. I didn't know any better, and got frustrated in one particular mission (the dam), but nevertheless the core that really appealed to me was the humanity Infinity Ward managed to intersperse throughout the game. The first inkling of this was the names every soldier was given. Then the excellent voice acting. The desperation of high-stress situations causing adrenaline to course through the veins. Best of all, it was fluid and never corny.

        Call of Duty 2 followed likewise. Soldiers playing chess? Ah well, grenade and a volley of bullets for them. Men taking a break from the war? Shoot them all. Meanwhile, the game became amazingly fluid and truly cinematic.

        And then waltzed in World of War, and I hated it. Yet people who had never played the previous games praised it highly. What was I missing? Surely I knew best, having completed both 1 and 2 in veteran. I could just discount the sales to the success of COD2, but that would force me to assume the people praising the game knew nothing; essentially, that they didn't know how to have fun.

        Since then COD has changed. It's probably been milked for all it's worth, and Infinity Ward no longer exists as its original entity. I still remember, though, the enjoyment people derived from playing the game at all levels of the franchise. Just because I didn't like it, didn't necessarily make it bad, and it certainly didn't invalidate others' opinions or give me any right to protest its evolution.

        Tl;dr: if people who aren't fanboys play an installment for the first time and enjoy it, it's probably a good game. Maybe not the game you would have expected, but nevertheless a good game in its own right.

      Well said, I found SR2 and JC fun but I didnt find the HEY HAVE WHACKY FUN! appeal to be very long lasting. The real fun of GTA has always been to make your own, and the more subtle and complex the world, the more fun I've had. There is a level of interaction with the physical environment in GTAIV that is still unmatched.

      The way GTA crafts is humour is just so unique and great, I really found no great difference in tone between San Andreas and GTAIV as a whole.

    I mostly enjoyed Vice City & San Andreas, GTA IV was good in terms of story line, Collectibles, Secrets and side missions but i dislike not being able to fly planes and the fact that you were stuck in the 'big city'. no country side, no farm vehicles, no funny hicks chasing after you when you steal their ride on mower and ride off into the sunset.

    A few other things i would like to see in the upcoming GTA V is planes, the ability to purchase different properties all over the zone, Collectibles with decent rewards (Similar to vice city), Purchasable vehicles, Mod-able vehicles, Multi-Character protagonists, Online co-op possibly.

      I loved the country side in San Andreas, I'd love more than anything to have that aspect back in 5! was so good causing a ruckus then heading for the hills and out of the cities, haha ah the memories.

      Planes are tricky, being able to very occasionally (in the scheme of the whole game) move fast and high has a pretty big impact on the technical design for a small percentage of the gameplay.

        YES!! I loved being able to cause trouble in the country side or go exploring! Just the diversity of the game in general, The wide variety of missions, vehicles, (girlfriends), recruiting gang members to get on your pink scooter and mow down some fools. pumping it at the gym etc. etc. lots to do, fun game. Would appreciate a bit of that diversity with GTA V but i guess we will see when the trailer is released.

    jesus christ people on here are such miserable bastards

      you'll find the internets in general...

    Rockstar grew up. The type of gameplay most of you want has a very limited appeal while IV was the best Gta because it was different. I hope V is like IV

      If it has limited appeal, why do they want it? There are quite a few people who had more fun with Saints Row 2 than GTA4, were they wrong to do so? Something about this just doesn't add up.

    would it be too much to ask for a main character like michael western from burn notice?

    that would be an awesome character for a game like GTA.

    im hoping its a San andreas remake!

    no dates.

    that is all.

      I found a good way to avoid the whole dating thing in previous GTA's was to not go on dates.

    Come the actual trailer next week, the topic i reckon will be on everyone's mind is "GTAV and R18 and what will it mean for us"

    GTA FIVE! Notice not GTA 4: random city.

    Is it going to be as big as a leap as GTA 3 engine to GTA 4? Doubt it

      No way. The GTA4 engine must've come close to maxing out the hardware; I doubt they can go much further in this generation. GTA7 on the PS4, that's the one to look forward to.

    Eh, forgot to add one thing: I hope they make more buildings you can enter. I wouldn't mind paying an extra 20 dollars if most buildings were at least superficially able to be interacted with.

      Screw entering them, I'd pay an extra 200 if I could burn them to the ground or topple them over with a bulldozer. And then instead of the buildings just respawning when I turn my back, they'd stay demolished until NPC's rebuilt them in real time. I might be asking a bit much, though.

    GTA V! Wooooooo. From the looks of that logo i think we might be heading back to San Andreas

    It's GTA, they have all been awesome and all are in the list of top games ever. I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS. Here's hoping it doesn't get delayed massively and the release date is actually mid 2012.

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