Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Set In Los Angeles, May Star Multiple Characters

Strengthening long-standing rumours for years that the next Grand Theft Auto would be set in Los Angeles or a fictional version thereof, a source familiar with the game told Kotaku today that those rumours are true.

GTA V will be set in some version of LA, bringing the famous franchise to a place that last got the GTA treatment in the series' top-selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (So much for our other dream GTA V cities.)

We're also hearing from multiple sources that the game will feature more than just one playable character. That would seem to be a natural evolution for the series. Following the release of the PlayStation 2's Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City, PSP games set in the same cities as those console games, let player control a single new character apiece, establishing the idea that there's more than one life worth living in a Rockstar-made GTA city.

Then, following the release of Grand Theft Auto IV the series' creators at Rockstar Games allowed gamers to play as a second and then a third character in the exact same high-definition version of Liberty City. Those who bought the base game and the two downloadable episodes could choose from the GTA IV's menu whether to play as Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz or Luis Lopez. Each had their own lengthy, interesting and distinct playable story. A GTA V that features more than one playable hero would extend this concept further.

Back when GTA IV was being shown to press, Rockstar representatives would stress the importance of the number in the title. As successful as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas were, they noted, it was the game that preceded them, GTA III that was a paradigm shift. They hoped and believed that GTA IV, by being a numbered game would have and merit some outsized influence of its own. If that is still the company's philosophy, then after Grand Theft Auto IV's un-numbered episodes, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, a numbered GTA V should again merit special attention. Shifting cities was not sufficient cause for a new numbered GTA before. A change to the series' formula, however, one that gives players more than one controllable character, would.

Rockstar has had a lot of experience with LA, working with Team Bondi to create a mid-20th-century version of it for this year's L.A. Noire, presenting a drive-able version in Midnight Club and, most famously of all, turning it into the amazing Los Santos as one of three featured cities in GTA: San Andreas.

Rockstar Games did not respond to requests for comment about GTA V today. Should we hear them, we'll update this piece. Otherwise, look for the official trailer for the new game on November 2.

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    Bit disappointed to hear it will be LA. I'm a bit LA'd out after GTA:SA, LA Noire, Midnight Club.

      come on all i want is GTA:SA 2 it would be epic

      who didn't like the first one you could :

      steal a plane fly to your own private air strip get in a jetpack fly to a dock get in a hovercraft get to a city find a tow tuck find a truck with a trailer tow it up a big mountain just to watch it fall of find a combine harvester and go nuts ????

      all in the one game man GTA:SA was epic

        did you ever tow a towtruck with a towtruck towing a towtruck towing a towtruck towing a towtruck towing a towtruck?

        Inception, I can go six layers/towtrucks :P

      San Andreas was probably the best GTA3 Spin-off, so I can live with it.

        yes i did do that... i did it for aloooooooooooong time then... my computer overheated.... i hope it has realistic mud

    L.A. is better than Liberty City again but London or D.C. might have been cool.I guess we will never see a GTA set in Australia will we?

      If we did it would just be some stereotype outback town with kangaroos everywhere.

        Kangaroos aren't that bad actually
        And they're not imba!

      LOL. Kangaroo Theft Auto.

        Wouldn't it be Grand Theft Kangaroo? ;)

          I would much rather play a game where kangaroos are stealing cars to the extent that they have a legal term named after them than a game where I can steal kangaroos.

      London would be great! Imagine a Lock, Stock/Snatch/Layer Cake style theme to the game...I would buy that for sure.

        Ever played the getaway series on ps2?

          Yeah, that was brilliant! So gritty. If Rockstar could emulate that, I'd be a happy man.

        A lot of people seem to forget that there already is a GTA set in London.

        It's called GTA London.

      GTA Cronulla?

      People say GTA has gotten too serious lately. So Kangaroo highjacking would change their mind!

    Who outside of Australia would play an Australian city? I agree that London would be awesome or any major European city for that matter. D.C is a dump btw

      Who the hell would reject a GTA game based entirely on the city it's set in?

        Aussie cities don't exactly have the gritty crime rep many other international cities have. When was the last time there was a high profile homicide? We don't have any crips, bloods etc. An Aussie GTA would be spectacularly boring, despite what the loons on Underbelly want us to think,

          ^ + 1 Billion

            Grand Theft Auto... Caboolture... Caboolture and Gold Coast is terrible!!!!

      Who outside America would play in an American city?

      Oh wait, everybody!

    It's a shame they're doing Los Santos without doing all of San Andreas. I loved going on epic road trips in that game. I was disappointed when GTA4 turned out to be a smaller size than a PS2 game, and the city wasn't as detailed as the Yakuza games, which let you go inside over 50% of the buildings.

      Anyone who's not a bigot? It's not like they'd bother to hire non-american voice actors (if theres much difference, anyway).

    "Photo: Konstantin Sutyagin/Shutterstock"


    This is just like Christmas!

    If it is just Los Santos then I am really disappointed. Plus I don't think it makes much sense. Are they just going to cut out the rest of California and make Los Santos a island which will then probably be smaller than Liberty City?

    Hmm... I'm thinking green, thinking money... Roman numeral five (although all their games used Roman numerals) then thinking Cesar's Palace... Las Vegas??

    Why are we limiting it to one city?? Los Santos AND Las Venturas maybe?!

    After Red Dead Redemption's brilliance, I'd be keen for some GTA with some countryside. So having more than one city with travel between them would be awesome.

      I'm glad somebody agrees with adding on another countryside. The countryside was one of my favorite parts of SA. I remember how it always sparked up rumors of Bigfoot, Leatherface, etc. The only rumor that ended up being true was Ghost cars in the woods.

      country side in gta5 would awesome-have 2 citys and a highway and some farmland and such where u could hind out and such-I also hope they bring back towing and planes ALOT!

    With every one of Rockstars more recent releases I’ve been looking forward to the next GTA even more. $10 says there will be mounted police and you’ll be able to steal their horses.

    Even though I can't wait, I do have mixed feelings about this. While I'm sure Rockstar will present a massive and beautiful LA, it's already been done several times now. I can't help but feel like it's time for a new setting.

    Which particular city it is doesn't really matter as long as it has an interesting design.

    An expanded Los Santos surrounded by countryside and small towns would be great, and they could focus on the sleazy hollywood side of things which we didn't really get in San Andreas because that was all about gangsters.

    GTA:UK. I mean, its an island already, so it would not be that hard to make it one, and it would make for an iteresting story, as there are basically 3 contrys. Britain, Ireland and Scotland.

      this would be awesome!

      What, will the natural disaster/terrorist attack/game mechanic that stops you going everywhere you want at the start of the game completely destroy Wales?

      UK is an island and that somehow makes it applicable for a GTA game? Do you.. realise just how huge Great Britain is? GTAs have typically been set in cities with surrounding suburbia. Not... taking a hike through thousands of miles of Scottish highlands.

    THIS is exciting news for a Wednesday morn :)

    I've loved all the GTA's in various different ways. Would be great if it was San Andreas, but given how details Liberty was in 4, and how well the three stories meshed, I'm confident an HD Los Santos would well and truly qualify as "the shit".

    Personally, I'd like some more likeable anti-heroes to run around with. And planes. And upgradable weapons... Hell, maybe shit on a certain other free-roaming tentpole series' parade and include free-running.

    I think I just gave myself a stroke ;)

    I think it's gonna be all of San Andreas now I think about it. Otherwise it wouldn't be GTAV, it'd be GTA Los Santos.

    So is this going to be on the current consoles or Xbox720/PS4?

      Will most likely be on our current xbox 360, PS3 and PC consoles.

        It'll be a great sendoff for them before we update to the next gen.

    I would add more customization to your main and online characters, plus a NARC skin would be awesome.

    This is the news I've been waiting for!! This sounds immense!! I can only cross my fingers that it is set in Los Angeles and the surrounding states, but let's face it guys, it doesn't matter where it is, it's gonna be awesome! I would love to see one day, a GTA game based in the UK. That would be out of this world! Could you just imagine it? It would heavily be based off more than one of those nitty gritty British films that all of us action film nuts love! I can just picture it now, running low time with the football gangs, getting in fights, working your way up through the world... Rise of The Foot Soldier anyone?

    I'd like a return to vice city, but I'd guess that's not happening for a while now....

      Actually that gives me an idea, contemporary Vice City. That would be pretty cool, you can see how the city and its inhabitants have deteriorated from their heyday

    Damn i wanted to see GTA V: Melbourne

    I hope they don't rob us by re-using textures/buildings or game code from LA Noire.
    They can f*** right off if they think they're going to do that.
    Unless they give a discount to everyone who owns a copy of LA Noire.

    Having more than 1 playable character will be good but its far from an evolution... the original gta you could play as more than 1 select person.... fair enough there was only hair and clothing differences but still was in the first game.

    It would be dope as hell if it had liberty city vice city san andreas n a new city,and planes an you can go to the airport n buy a ticket to the other citys or fly or drive make gyms more stores more cars etc. It NEEDS to be dope

    I really hope it's more interesting than GTA4. GTA4 was the first game ever to make me fall asleep at my desk... there is something wrong with that right there.

      hahaha so true i remember falling half asleep and my car crashing into things then waking up haha at least its realistic

    Given how different the Liberty City of GTA 3 was to the Liberty City of GTA IV, I can't say I'm disappointed. Los Angeles is the next logical step for this generation of the game to take, and has huge potential for Rockstar's particular brand of satire.

    What I'm wondering most of all is: will this be on PS3 an 360, or will it be a launch title for the next generation?

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