Grow A Video Game Moustache - Raise Money For Movember

We all love competitions at Kotaku, and we're easily the best at it, so how about we focus our mad competition skills for a good cause by raising money for Movember? We've created a Kotaku page for Movember so that we can all raise money as a team and, in addition, we've attached ourselves to Activision Australia, who have committed to adding $1000 to the team who raises the most money. Currently we're up against The Official PlayStation Magazine Australia — come on guys, we can totally smash these guys!

All you have to do is head to our page and register for Team Kotaku. From that point, all the money you raise individually will be added to our total as a team. If we managed to beat out the other teams registered at Activision Australia's Modern Warfare network we get to add another $1000 to that total.

And obviously, it's for a good cause — raising vital funds for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and depression. This is our chance to do our bit together as the awesome community we are.

So, let's do it folks! Tomorrow is the first of November. Register now, start promoting the page and getting donations, start tomorrow clean shaven and grow some incredible facial fair.

Here's some inspiration.

I'm going to be going for a Captain Price-style number, since I'm a little bit ginger and all. I'll post up a weekly update of my progress each Monday, and if you guys join in and send my pics of your progress, I'll post them up as well!

Good luck folks! And don't forget — register here, join the team and let's get this going! Retweet this, post on your Facebook, and let's recruit as many people as possible!

EDIT: Activision has informed us that there are some copies of Modern Warfare 3 up for grabs for those that raise the most money!


    Pshh, we all know real men sport this moustache;

      Hey, I'm John Waters, and this is... The Creep.

      And don't forget to smile!

    Joined the team. Shaved my amish beard last night to make room for the mo.

    Go team Kotaku

    Oh, and aside from raising money for great causes, in case anyone needs any more mo-tivation (sorry), raise more than $40 individually and you get free Grill'd burgers.

    Oh dear Mark... Knock back my invitation and borrow AG screenshots? Oh well, let's just see if you can beat our Australian Gaming Community Movember Team! We have 41 members and have nearly raised $2.5k!

      This is the team that I was talking about in my comment below...


      Hi Cav :P

    Im already doing this with my school clinic so im more than happy to help!
    Question though- what moustache goes best with a shaved head?

    I've only just shaved off my beard this morning, and will be growing back as hideous a mo' as I can manage, but alas, I'm already a member of a different team of gamers/writers etc.

    It's looking good though, we've got around 45 members and last I heard, we'd raised nearly 2500 before Movember officially started...

    Unfortunately, I already setup my own team (where I'm riding solo), and I don't think I can switch.

    Mark, if you know of a way, let me know and I'll jump on board.

    Wouldn't mind having a go at Movember. But can't do it this year, since my friends have a wedding in two weeks and as a groomsman I have been banned from participating :(

    I just signed up Mark.
    My dad is actually waiting back for test results for prostate cancer as we speak.
    To say this awareness event hits home is an understatement.

      Sorry to hear.. Hope your dad pulls through

        Thanks Jiff. Yeah it's pretty full on when life just grabs you in a head lock and says 'look at this bitch, how do you like it? Deal with it.
        And that's just me, I worry what dad is going through.

    Usually do this through our work team, I wonder if I can join more than one team?

    I am unable to participate in movember because of major presentations i must give. Serious ones.

    And then Ill be waiting until March and will be growing a Macho-Man Randy Savage beard for heart disease. I still can't believe they've taken you Macho-Man.

    The event will be called Marcho-Man. I invite all to join.

    In the meantime, I will

    If you really want this to take off Mark. Do updates for us about the numbers in the team and weekly donations updates. I'm guessing a lot of people aren't quite sure that you can donate at any stage during the month, not just commit at the start of the month.
    Anyway, good idea getting on board, this is my first PROPER Movember, so i'm glad i can help out with a website i love. Cheers.

    Shit, somehow I'm stuck on the australian Kotaku

      Welcome to the Dark Side! We have cupcakes and T-shirts :)

    Raise money for Movember!? I need to raise money for my video game spending in Novemeber.

    My moustash grows in patchy and thin and makes me look like a serial child sex offender, I'll pass on the growing of it thanks :D

    This is all the excuse I need to grow a nice John Bonham type mo (or Lemmy as I apparently look like with a handlebar)
    Not much of a charity raiser type but I'll see what I come up with

    Time to look scary again

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