Halfbrick Is Opening A Sydney Office!

Halfbrick Is Opening A Sydney Office!


In an industry plagued with stories of local development studios closing their doors, it’s a pleasant surprise to get some good news for a change. So it’s with great pleasure that we announce Halfbrick, the studio behind iOS mega-hit Fruit Ninja, is opening a second studio in Sydney.

“At Halfbrick we work in teams of 4-8 people depending on the projects in development at any one time, and one of our lead programmers who was working remotely from Sydney could definitely use a small team to build out a few other opportunities for us,” said Phil Larsen, Marketing Director at Halfbrick.

“We work closely and use the same network so it’s definitely not nearly as segregated as some different offices become. It’s another core Halfbrick team working in the next room – that room just happens to be 1000km away.

“Of course, it does allow us to tap into the Sydney tap pool and offer some opportunities for the local talent there.”

Halfbrick are on a recruitment drive to fill positions for this new studio, looking specifically for gameplay programmers, designers and artists. Prospective applicants can head to Tsumea for more info.


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