Halo Map Hang 'Em High In Action Using Halo Reach Gameplay

The classic Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer map Hang Em' High is getting a stunning remake when it returns to players in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Renamed High Noon, this map and five other remakes will all also be available for Halo Reach players as a download pack, Microsoft told me over the weekend.

In this video we see my son checking the map out at New York Comic-Con over the weekend.

High Noon is a canyons and catwalks multiplayer map best suited for team-based combat in both Slayer and Objective gametypes with four to 12 players.

Microsoft also showed off the three Kinect functions that will be coming to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary over the weekend at the con:

Analyze Mode — analyse Mode is a Kinect-exclusive feature that allows players to scan items of interest within the Halo: Anniversary campaign to populate the Library, an interactive encyclopedia of Halo lore. Once in analyse mode, new articles of interest can be added to the Library by focusing the reticule on them and saying Scan.

The Library — The Library is an expansive index that provides detailed information on items of interest players have scanned through analyse Mode, such as vehicles, characters, enemies and weapons. Through the use of gesture controls, players can explore the entire Library at any time and then return to the campaign to continue unlocking more secrets within the Halo universe.

Voice Commands — Harness the technology of Kinect for Xbox 360 to reload your weapon, throw grenades, switch seamlessly between Classic and Remastered graphics and more, using only your voice.


    Kid rocks the supercombine.

    Looks good and cant wait - Unfortunately I am really not impressed with microsoft at the EBexpo on the GoldCoast over the weekend (15th 16th Oct) now as all we got was a 4 min play through on campaign mission "343 Guily Spark". No mention of the new maps - no mention of kinect support. Looks like Aus doesn't need the info when NYCC is on at the same time. Microsoft (and 343) Aus gamers are just as important and desevre the same experience at an expo as anyone else.

      Kinect support: You can shout "grenade" to throw a grenade and "reload" to reload. That is all.

        true but its a start - my main issue was with the difference experience being offered to gamers at the EBExpo to those at the NYCC. Whilst i understand NYCC is huge, our event was a first for the GoldCoast and Microsoft should have offered the same courtesy and experinece to players.

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