Harmonix Should Make A Shooter, Says Expert

Fast Company, the business magazine read by movers and/or shakers, uncorked some outside-the-box advice for companies stuck in a rut. Harmonix Music Systems is on the list, it seems, because of stagnation in the music gaming genre, not necessarily because it's spinning its wheels, but whatever. They are being advised to make, wait for it, a shooter.

Marc Nesbitt tells Fast Company that Harmonix should spare no expense in creating "the world's first immersive shoot-'em-up, where gamers move their bodies to take cover." This game would be Kinect-controlled.

Nesbitt correctly notes Harmonix has a head start on developing for Kinect. In fact, it has experience making a big seller for Kinect. It's called Dance Central, and Nesbitt (then with MTV Games, which sold Harmonix late last year) was actually the game's senior producer.

Dance Central sold more than 2.5 million copies, plus a lot of DLC, and its sequel arrives next week. So, advising Harmonix to jump aboard Kinect like it was a lifeboat, hasn't it already done that?

This is an excerpt from a longer item appearing in the print edition, so maybe there's something more that got lopped out in a really zealous edit. Still, all the other suggestions, for companies like Honda, the NBA and Quiznos, are daring, but they fit the character of the product for which they are best known. Suggesting Harmonix make a shooter comes off a little tone deaf.

Six Companies That Should Take the Plunge in 2012 [Fast Company]


    I can see it now... Get 5 button presses right, shoot a guy, get another 5 right, shoot 3 guys, exponential growth with combos.

    Harmonix should be bought my Microsoft, says James Mac.

      Nooooooooooooooo... because they would only ever release Dance Central games and nothing else.

      I am quite happy with their weekly RB releases as they are!

    Harmonix and gaming press shouldn't take advice from a Business mag about what games to make from people who most likely have no clue how to make games.

    Also Kinect shooters are being made, lets see how they turn out.

    Make an RPG spin off of Dance Central, where you beat enemies by boogeying down.

      I would play the shit out of that. My tango-specced Casanova would be unstoppable.

      Dance Scrolls.

    Harmonix should keep doing it's thing. There are plenty of great shooters- Dance Central is a welcome break from the pack (and the only reason to own a Kinect, really).

    There has been a game in arcades since the 90's called police 911 in which you duck and weave to get behind cover. Its actually quite a work out, good thing bullets are slow in video games

      Yeah I was about to mention that, it was named "The Keisatsukan" when I played it but it was a great shooter and it really was a workout!

      People really need to be careful chucking around the phrase "the world's first." He should've added "on a console" at the end to be safe, then he'd probably be right!

    Gamespot was talking about this awhile ago actually, after Dance Central came out.

    Expert sounds like twat, says non-expert.

    I would love to see a Kinect shooter - duck and hide behind obstacles (and invariably crash into each other in two player mode), and fire your gun by saying "bang!" (or "blam!" or "pewpew" depending on what weapon you have)

    Great! Because the one thing the industry needs at the moment is MORE shooters....

    Our market research shows that military shooters sell well, so it would be in Harmonix's best interests to make a military shooter.

    Wow, just wow at this so called expert company. It sounds like they only have experience with playing it safe. I doubt Harmonix would take advice from some business like this. If there's one thing Harmonix does better than anyone else it's taking risks with their games that result in them ending up being a multimillion dollar hit.

    It's not Harmonix's fault that Activision ran the Music genre into the ground with Guitar Hero. Harmonix has been innovative with their Rock Band releases and strong support for DLC.

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