Here Come The 8-Core AMD Bulldozer Powered Gaming PCs

Here Come The 8-Core AMD Bulldozer Powered Gaming PCs

AMD launched its new FX line of processors today, and two gaming hardware builders have already jumped at the chance to provide the world’s first gaming rig powered by a native 8-core desktop processor.

Utilising AMD’s Bulldozer multi-core architecture, the new FX series of AMD CPUs sets its sights on high-end PC gaming, with up to eight completely unlocked native cores ready to tackling the toughest in HD multimedia creation and multi-display PC gaming at a relatively low price.

At least that’s what the marketing materials tell us. It all sounds good on paper, but from what I’m seeing around the web today the FX chips aren’t quite the new power revolution they were expected to be.

That won’t stop high-end PC gaming machine makers from jumping on the FX bandwagon. Both Origin PC and CyberpowerPC sent out announcements this morning, letting the world know that they were ready to build systems featuring the new four, six, and eight core chips.

CyberpowerPC’s Gamer Scorpius line of gaming PCs (pictured above because they sent pictures) start at $US576 and feature all four of the new chip models: The AMD FX-8150 3.60GHz 8-Core CPU; AMD FX-8120 3.10GHz 8-Core CPU; AMD FX-6100 3.30GHz 6-Core CPU; and the AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz Quad-Core CPU.

Origin PC will also be featuring all four chips in its systems, and while they don’t do dedicated product lines (configure your own damn PC!), they do offer quotes.

“Origin PC works directly with the best companies in the industry to deliver our customers with the latest technology first” said Kevin Wasielewski Origin PC CEO and cofounder. “AMD’s new unlocked 8-core processors deliver the best price to performance value that we have ever seen.”

Of course these aren’t the only companies employing the new processor line; they’re just the ones that showed up in my inbox this morning. I’m sure every gaming hardware manufacturer will be tossing these things about like popcorn by the end of the day.

I’ll probably be sticking with my Intel Core i7 for another couple of years. It’s served me well so far, and I’ve not had an AMD-powered desktop since the turn of the millennium. Old habits die hard.

CyberPowerPC [Official Website]
Origin PC [Official Website]


  • If that article linked to this is true then these things are a waste of time, space and money.

    But I’m sure diehard AMD fanboys will jump all over them.

    • Afaik with the way intel 1155 chips perform the money you save vs performance means AMD aren’t really worth anyone’s time atm. But in this industry it’s always back and forth, so never know what’s around the corner.

    • Yup. AMD is a Chinese company and as such doesn’t necessarily comply with internationally agreed labour laws like minimum wage or taking a break every 12 hours or minimum working age or allowing employees off site during the working week (Foxconn famously installed nets under its windows to prevent suicides on one factory campus). On the other hand, Intel sell their shit to the IDF..

    • And ATI cards? They seem to be unsupported half the time.

      It seems to me (who owns an i3 in a laptop and an xbox and is thinking of building a new desktop pc at some point in 2012 once all the BF3 upgrades die down), that ideally one should go Intel plus Nvidia, unless you want to pay ~$150 less in exchange for a lot of headache.

    • I was stupid enough to pick an ATi card over Nvidia (which have always been good for me) for this computer, regretted it ever since… not a major release comes by without me having driver-related problems…

      • That’s the worst. I had a three-card array for Crossfire when I was still with ATI, and shortly after AMD ditched the label I switched to three NVIDIA 590s. Hadn’t had a problem since.

  • The techpowerup link is an email link, for some reason.
    Also, disappointing with the current reviews being “meh”, cause I was looking forward to the bulldozer.

  • its a shame, as this is really AMDs last comeback attempt before the next intel generation. If it cant at least match a similarly clocked i7, whats the point.

    Also, isnt Bulldozer technically an APU, not a CPU?

  • I looked up some benchmarks and reviews this morning since I’ll be building a new computer next year when the new nvidia cards come out, and well the highest AMD FX 8 8150 overclocked to 4.7Ghz on air vs an Intel 2600k overclocked to 4.7Ghz also, show that Intel is still on top in almost every test and it is a cheaper CPU. AMD is still behind it seems.

    • My Alienware M11x has been stalwart. Highly recomend it.

      Of course it’s been a major PitA half the time, but that’s because it’s a PC not because of the particular model it is 🙂

  • rofl, cyberpowerpc only recommend a 500W generic PSU for the new chips. Enjoy constant blue screens and shutdowns whoever gets suckered into that mess.

  • i’m interested in the progress, i remember dual cores being new and exciting, but i am not going to be able to afford this.

  • I’m considering trying out an AMD system next year when I build a new computer, was gonna get a Bulldozer CPU and a 6970 or even 2 if they’re cheap enough.

    Drivers for BF3 should be sorted out by then which will be good… I hope…

    • I’ve been running AMD systems for 10 years now, not a single problem.

      My current main PC is an AMD X4 940 overclocked at 3.6GHz and a 6970 overclocked at 970MHz.
      Played the BF3 beta without a single hiccup.

      People who always say “AMD/ATI drivers are just fail!”, clearly haven’t actually put any interest into the graphics card scene in a decade. Granted, the old ATI drivers used to be terrible [we’re talking early to mid 2000’s here], but the modern ones are solid.

      I agree that the intel chips are very nice too, but I use AMD because I have never had an issue with any of their chips. My server at home is running a 10 year old Duron 850MHz and still runs 24/7 without issues.

      People that slam AMD/ATI out of reflex are no better than fanboi’s anyway.
      It doesn’t bother me which way you go, there are amazing products produced on both sides here and its exciting as hell!

      But come on and give em a fair call. Base your statements on facts, not reactionary drivel. But you know, haters gonna hate 😉

    • Bang for buck the AMD isn’t good at the moment. The intels are dominating. However same thing happened with the Phenom it was originally unimpressive but when the Phenom II came out AMD was the best bang for buck out there.

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