Here's Crysis, Lookin' Mighty Fine On Xbox 360

Today, Crytek's landmark 2007 PC game Crysis was re-released as a downloadable game for both Xbox 360 and PS3. I've already had a chance to play the game and really liked it, in particular its improved controls, strong visuals, and directly-translated open gameplay. It's a strong port of a good game.

Now I've got my own copy, I thought I'd put together a video of some highlights from the first half-hour to give a sense of what the game is all about.

The Crysis re-release is singleplayer only, but that's OK — it has a chunky campaign that features a lot of variety both in terms of locations and enemies, and it does a great job of imparting the thrill of the hunt. Playing it again, I realised that as much as I enjoyed Crysis 2, I miss the larger, more open battlefields of the first game.

Crysis can be downloaded on either console for $US19.99, and if you've got the scratch to spare or are looking for a less expensive, more tropical counterpoint to the just-released Rage, I recommend giving it a go.


    Or it can be bought on Steam for today for $3.75.

      You are kind of missing the point there, pal.

        but its cheaper on steam? :P

          not for me it isn't. i would have to buy a gaming PC

      Yeah, but the PC version doesn't have the console version's improved controls. Everyone knows analog sticks are the way to go for FPS games.

        or the improved price and graphics

        havent played pc in about 10 years but are the keyboards analog now?

      I'll make you a deal Glenn- you buy me a PC that can run it and i'll give you the $16 I saved.

        If you've bought a laptop with a graphics card in the last three years, you can run it. If not, maybe its time to update anyway, even just for a better boot time?

    Not available on the Australian XBL, is a game on demand which means a) you need a US credit card and b) it's probably region locked even after you download, and even then it costs $US29.99 not $US19.99.

    So not a particularly useful article for us :( Shame too, because I would have liked to play it on 360.

      Yes it is.

      a) You can use microsoft points to buy it.
      b) Nope.

        Well that's weird.

        It definitely was not when I looked on the AU to buy it after reading this article. Now it is, and it is $AU19.99.

        But then logging into the US site and trying to look at it again says "Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened. It appears you've found a glitch in the system."

        Not so sure about the claim you can use points to purchase. Doesn't bother me though, happier buying it with real cash money anyway!

          Now my xbox 360 says it's $AU29.95, but the site says it's $AU19.99 then gives me that glitch message when I try to buy it.

          If in doubt, it's going to the more expensive price. Ah well, I'll live!

            damn, paid $29.95 last night on and then played the shit out of it

            yes you can use points

    At least the consoles get a PC port for once.

    No multiplayer and 4 years later...

    Now you know how PC gamers feel!
    (runs off crying)

      Don't you mean, (runs off crysising)

      I'm sorry.

        Don't apologize. You did the right thing.

    Shows AU$29.99 for me (US$19.99 on the US site).

    If it was AU$19.99, I'd buy it right now.

    I've been looking forward to playing this much more than Rage.

    what a FUCKING $10 more expensive than US!!

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