Here's Nightwing In Action In Batman: Arkham City

Feast your eyes on the grown-up laughing young daredevil as he throws down on the thugs of Arkham City. The clip highlights his specialised weaponry and shows off his acrobatic fighting style, too. You'll be able to start playing as Dick Grayson in new Wayne Manor and Main Hall challenge maps next week.


    I kind of wish they'd add more to the storyline content (like the Catwoman missions) with these new characters, rather than just challenge rooms.

      Not that challenge rooms arn't fun, you are right there is so much potentional with all the bonus stuff ingame its a shame its all so short.

    I think we get a new content release every week of November. Nightwing on the 1st, more Catwoman the week after, and Tim Drake (robin) pre order exclusive available for play on the 22nd.

    looks like something from the Incredibles, early dev maybe? :P looks funny regardless

      Considering it appears just after the words "Animated Series Skin", what do you think it could be?

    I'm probably in the minority here, and leaving myself open to being called a 'noob'...

    But while AC's combat is excellent, the stealth play is borderline terrible. There's not enough accuracy in the controls, and despite being given a metric ton of different gadgets to use; taking out a room full of 6-8 armed thugs is harder than it should be.

      I agree, after playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the stealth sections feel quite clumsy. Also, you have so many combat abilities, that it's really quite difficult to remember them, so I ended up relying on just 2 or 3.

      haha, I wouldn't call you a 'noob' at all. I played the first game prolly 4 times all the way through and only just now as I'm in the newgame+ mode of Arkham City am I *really* understanding the ins and outs of the combat system. I don't know how, it just starting clicking with me.

      Though, I will say, that when playing as Catwoman the combat becomes a lot harder because she's only got 3 'gadgets' and her 'Ground Takedown' move lasts a LOT longer than Batman's does.

      I'm nigh untouchable as Batman, but as Catwoman I sometimes end up just barely making it through a fight. To me, there should have been more balance there.

      As far as the stealth goes, after I got the hang of it in the first game it just made sense to me. Arkham City is more of the same, I think. If you're having trouble with it I'd suggest trying to get more creative with the gadgets and environment that is available to you. I find that just trying to stealth it out without setting traps or using gadgets to manipulate the guards' distress levels can be a lot harder and a lot more frustrating than it feels like it should be.

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