Here’s The 3DS Hacked And Running A 3DS Game

Here’s The 3DS Hacked And Running A 3DS Game

Shortly after its release in Japan, hackers demonstrated that, yes, the 3DS could run an R4 cartridge, the notorious piracy medium that has given Nintendo fits throughout the lifespan of the DS. That was to be expected, as the R4 is a DS medium, and the 3DS is backwards-compatible. The 3DS cartridge is a different format.

Well, the veil around that has been punctured. pirates concerned citizens who pirate back up their legitimately-purchased and owned copies of 3DS games may be interested to know that “Crown3DS”, a new flashcard developed in the middle of last month, is capable of running Splinter Cell 3D. It’ll take some time to get the thing down to a manageable and distributable size, but hackers have proven it’s possible. Ball’s in your court, Nintendo lawyers.

3DS Hacked — First Footage Shown [Button Combo]


    • All that trouble to play one of the 3DS’ worst games? Hackers are dumber than I thought.. let’s see you get away with gaming on a bus with that.

      • Sorry to call you out on this, but you are an idiot. This is a proof-of-concept hack. Splinter cell was most likely used as it has some kind of loophole that they can exploit.

        Now that it’s been done, it won’t be long before it’s replicated on other gamers, and the size of the device is brought down to the size of a 3DS cartridge.

        The exact same thing happens with every console ever. What are you, 12?

        • When did I ever say it doesn’t happen on ever console ever? I’ve never thought or claimed that, and with everything it’s always only a matter of time. If you want to treat me like a child, stop assuming like one. That is all.

  • “It’ll take some time to get the thing down to a manageable and distributable size, but hackers have proven it’s possible.”

    theparia and Grandmaster

    • Of course it’s possible, it’s a gaming console. It’s always a matter of time and the hackers have proven nothing new at all. If anything, it just shows that no matter what, people will continue to do anything and everything to get away with piracy.

  • R4 cards is the most amazing form of priacy i have ever seen. I was amazing when going to be cousin place to see her daughters playing with there DS’s with R4 cards, and i was like “you dont know technology and live in the country, how you get R4 cards?” and see responded easy, a guy in the market did it for 20 dollars.

    It was a pretty sweet device, you could have like 50 games on those things.

      • Because of the way R4 carts work, and the fact that they don’t actually modify any of the hardware on the 3DS, it’s practically impossible to ‘detect’

        • How wrong you are, that’s why so many DSi firmwares blocked these ‘practically impossible to detect’ devices huh?

          • Sorry, you either misread or misunderstood. He asked if it was possible for Nintendo to ‘brick’ your console for using flashcarts.

            ‘Bricking’ a console means turning it into a ‘brick’, making it completely unusuable.

            Updates to the DSi firmware have BLOCKED flashcarts (briefly mind, as it takes weeks at most for flashcart companies to circumvent new updates), meaning that you can’t load them up after downloading the firmware.

            However, this is a PREVENTATIVE measure. It is impossible to detect if your system HAS USED A FLASHCART in the PAST, therefore, it is impossible for Nintendo to issue an update that will ‘brick’ everyone’s console that has used a flashcart!

            Sorry again for the confusion, ‘bricking’ and ‘blocking’ are quite different terms!

          • Actually I was under the impression that Nintendo planned to look at what has been used with the 3DS (keeping record of the cards in memory) and if a known r4 style device has been used…. welcome to bricksville.
            I don’t know if they can really back up their threat, but that’s the one I recall them makeing.

  • Is this really proof? I mean really, it’s so easy to fake what just got shown in that video it’s ridiculous.

  • I’d rather not have my 3DS get bricked by Ninty. There’s probably already software in the 3DS just detecting away. Heck the software to brick it is probably already there and all it needs is a bit of time, not even an update.

    Unless Ninty were stupid and didn’t think of that. Then it’s back to R43DS and all that jazz.

    • It’s exceedingly easy to not have your console bricked if you aren’t stupid. Just don’t update your console unless the chip developers release a firmware update. It’s really that simple

  • Hopefully they make a super good one. This region lock is making importing impossible. If Nintendo won’t let me purchase the games I want, then I will do what I have to do get said games. I’m not buying a new console just so I can buy MH4. I’ll buy MH4, but seriously, Nintendo can go to hell.

  • Oh good. I didn’t load up my M3 with any DS roms, but I had a whole stack of homebrew on there. It was pretty fantastic what some people came up with.

    If this could lead to something that disables the region locking (since we know that Nintendo wouldn’t disable it themselves), that would be most excellent. I don’t care for piracy at all, but I care even less for overbearing restrictions on how we play. Just yesterday we discovered that my friend with a US 3DS can’t play Four Swords or Lylat Wars with us on local wireless. That is complete bullshit.

    • “Just yesterday we discovered that my friend with a US 3DS can’t play Four Swords or Lylat Wars with us on local wireless. That is complete bullshit.”

      What. The. Fuck.

  • When did I read this…oh right, on September 16th, 16 days ago.

    Also, the pirating community is highly skeptical of whether this is a legitimate product, or whether it’s a scam.

    The flashcard (if it is real) will also not have the ability to store multiple games. You’ll need to swap single games when you feel like playing something else.

    And additionally, since the release of that video, the “Crown3DS” team has not released any more information. All they appear to be doing is adding people on Facebook and gaining followers on Twitter.

    Lastly, they used the words “jailbroke 3ds”.

    • They used the term jailbreaking for PS3 as well, it is safe to say it has become a ‘thing’ now. You can thank the popularity of all those spergs jailbreaking iphones for it.

  • I bought a R4 recently to run Minecraft DS…

    …and other stuff as well… sorry, it was too tempting…

  • We’re probably looking at another year or more until this is made into a decent size. I hope this will be able to bypass the region lock though.

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