Here's What Battlefield 3 Looks Like On The Xbox 360

Throughout its public relations cycle, DICE's Battlefield 3 was shown only on PC and, later, PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version was kept under the stairs, beaten weekly and fed fish heads and stale water.

That led many to assume it was a hideous thing, but if these screenshots from the Korean version of the game are legit, it looks OK.

I mean, things might change when you see it in motion, and things are certainly looking jaggier (and grainier) than they will on PC, but given the age of the 360's hardware and shroud of mystery surrounding the version over the past six months, I was expecting much worse.

'배틀필드 3' 한글판 스크린샷 공개 [Ruliweb, thanks 장종하!]


    Some pics look fine, some look terrible eg. the header pic.

      Yeah, WTF is up with that pic.. There is a concrete building with one side covered in a wooden board texture..

      To me it looks like it's totally overlit which highlights all the missing pieces in the shot.
      1st it's too clean
      2nd there's nothing in the horizon
      3rd the smoke is a solid mass

      Taking a closer look though the lighting is caused by the explosion - so maybe when it's in motion it won't look so bad.

      Okay so the PC and PS3 will look better than the 360 version, it's always been known that would happen for their new engine.

      But besides THAT point - when you say 'terrible' what are you comparing it to besides the PS3/PC versions?

      I don't see anything terrible. The graphics are some of the best for a 360 game judging from those screenshots.

    it really shows how old the xbox 360 has become, the shadows look awful and there are plenty of jagged edges.

    I can't believe the xbox version is all in Japanese!

      It looks like maybe Korean or Thai? Definitely not Jap though.

        Clearly you two didn't read the article. ;)

          Exactly! These screens are clearly from the 'No Korean' level.

            + 1 trillion

            on another note, I honestly don't care what the game looks like. If xbox was only given that standard def graphics it wouldn't change my enjoyment of the game whatsoever

    Doesn't look any better or worse than MW3 in my opinion

    TH> Its Korean not Japanese. What country did you go to school in?

    at first i actually did not know if the first picture was just a shitty edit, just to be funny. thats how bad it is.

    seriously, wtf is up with that explosion. it looks horrible.

    Its sad how much you ppl bitch about a game, the console is 5 years old.Get a PC if you want the best graphics, I play for gameplay.

      But the PC version has better gameplay too.

        Good luck at the same price as a 360....

          it's actually cheaper on PC

            sure, the game is. but i think he meant the cost of the pc compared to the console.

            ive spent thousands on my pc, but my xbox cost me a couple of hundred.
            top notch graphics and performance is not something everyone can afford, or even cares about. which is what make consoles great.

      (in before "elitist PC user" comment)
      Let me clarify -- dedicated servers, keyboard/mouse controls, double the player count and larger maps make it superior IMO.

        you are correct in this case, problem is people take that opinion and apply it to every cross-platform game, when some of them really dont have differences. random game example DMC4, i played that on PC with a gamepad, i forgot i was on PC, felt like playstation.

    But I've already seen comparison shots of some sort, plus there was the beta. I didn't know the 360 version was a bIg secret.

    Obviously not as good as the PC version, but still pretty decent considering it'll be running on an absolute fraction of the ram and processing power.

    You guys are forgetting one thing. You don't even know if these screenshots were taken with the optional HD textures installed...

      But no one is blaming the textures. It is the other effects like shadows that look bad, which wouldn't be affected by better textures AFAIK. The models also look rather low poly (especially the tanks), understandably though.

        You're pretty much correct. It's not just lighting, shadows and effects. It's also post processing. That's where they shift the colour or tones of an image or anti alias etc. after rendering it. Both consoles will be weaker on that by a large margin. Reducing textures and poly is more noticeable as you get close to walls and so the general appearance of a game doesn't suffer as much with even a 75% reduction in those areas as it does by losing post processing. From the looks of many of the models they might be cutting even more then 75% of detail for the consoles...

    People saying that these screenshots look horrible are clearly fanboys trying to stir the pot. The at the time 2-month old Beta already looked better than the competitors, and so do these pics. Everyone needs to relax and quit being snobs. This game is going to rock for any platform when it come out!



    I think some of the pics that's look nearly on par to the PC could be the installed version!

    It looks nice but I wonder what it'd look like on a 40-50 inch HDTV.

    Pretty sure if I was playing the game I'd be too busy having fun than noticing that some post-processing lens flare voxelated flobblebot was only 83% as awesome as the PC version, tbh.

      I just happened to come across these pics a few minutes ago, but Mr. Waffle, your comment made me LOL. Out loud.

    Despite all this - I wonder where it will sell the most copies?

      consoles will prob sell most, cause to play this at 60 fps at 1080p on max u need to spend a fair amount of money upgrading your PC, where Consoles are cheap

        if its anything like BF:BC2 then that would be the pc version that sells more.

        For the same money a console a full HD TV and a good home theater cost you can get a pretty damn good pc.

          True, but with that setup I've also got a full HD tv and a home theatre.

            ... And with a pc you have streaming tv, an office, a research lab, a 3D graphics workstation, a porn server, an internet book archive and a million other things. Great logic /sarcasm

              Yeah, but I think you will find most of us do actually have PCs too that are more than capable of the other benefits you mentioned a PC has.....just not $$$ gaming rig (that need to be updated every year or 2 unlike the television and big sound) so I would settle for the large television and big sound over a "gaming rig" any day.

                With the current CPU's the only thing that "may" need to be upgraded every couple of years in a "gaming pc's" is the graphics card. Lets say $200-$500. Not mention the resale value of the old card. I always get at least half of what I paid back. Lets see you get even $50 for your current console when the new ones finally come out.

        you forgot to add.... a big POS

    Film grain and the colour of feces, gun metal grey and mud. Oh look another modern war game, how innovative.

    dw pc users will expierence the same gfx when origin and battlelog maxs out cpu and ram leaving nothing for the game

    It looks pretty damn good to me. To be running on hardware that is 6 years old is pretty impressive.

    I love the classic pc fanboyism denial.
    I would be just as defensive if i had spent a retarded amount of money on hardware.


    I love my PC gaming but it's getting to be console ports or buggy releases that don't work and need a patch straight away. I don't think I will upgrade my PC for gaming any time soon, I'll just wait to see what happens in the next console gen.

    I'll be happy if it is a good as BF:BC2 in the looks department.

    Still looks sexy for a game running on pretty old hardware.

    Gears of War 3 looked better than this hahah makes me glad i own a PS3

    Yeah some pics look good but some look worse than battlefield for iPad. I'll wait for MW3 one main reason is that it won't be american host, thats whats happened in the past with bad company and the camping. I mean hopefullly they have fixed camping issues in the maps for MW3.

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