Here's Your First Look At Gameplay In Hitman: Absolution

After a long teaser campaign earlier this year, Square Enix and Eidos finally revealed that everyone's favourite bald, barcoded assassin would be making his debut on this generation of consoles in Hitman: Absolution. Now, we've got a first glimpse at series hero Agent 47 in action, as he infiltrates and eliminates Chicago policemen who are tracking him down. Think the hunters become the hunted? OF COURSE THEY DO.

There's not much sign of the psychological underpinnings that Crecente mentioned a few months ago, but keep in mind this here clip's only a taste of a more elaborate playthrough that should be out tomorrow. What do we think, Kotaku readers? A return to greatness or do you need to see more?


    Blood money was on 360. These US idiots know absolutely nothing. Nothing!

      True, but Blood Money was released on the original Xbox too, so the Xbox 360 version was only an upscaled version. But I agree these US idiots should at least mention that this is Hitman's first game designed specifically for the current gen.

    Well it *looks* really good. I just hope it keeps the gameplay and feel of the original games.
    Hitman does not need his own "Splinter Cell: Conviction"...

    I have my fingers crossed for this one, but I'm still skeptical.

      Agreed. While I love SC: Conviction I hope this is more about the hiding in plain sight that made the other hitman games so good. Also this news that he now 'infiltrates policemen' is somewhat shocking. Agent 47, you've changed, man.

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