Hey Moron, Just Because You Like Arkham City Doesn't Mean You Can Be Batman

Stick with this Batman: Arkham City trailer past its awkward first moments. It builds momentum, very slowly, until it there's so much awkwardness you can't help but crack a smile.

Funny Batman Arkham City advertisement [Super Punch]


    So the ad continues the stereotype that gamers are fat, and unfunny nerds? Cool.

      If you're the same guy who posted under the GoW3 spoiler name then you can definitely STFU and hopefully get hit by a bus.

      The ad is amusing, it avoids the stereotype of games being for kids and it shows your average guy instead of some 6'3ft male model.

        Honestly I was hoping you'd comment, because I know how butthurt you got about GOW, and hey, Kotaku already posted the 'spoiler' which again annoyed you, so I think my choosing this name is fine.

        Also: I don't think your average guy goes around dressing up as Batman, after eating his third helping of buritos, but then again it is an American ad...

          You seem like a sad person, are you ok?

        I'm a 6'3 male model and I'm a gamer. You got a problem with that? :P

    Pretty clever imo. The guy on the couch reminded me of Ben Stiller's style a fair bit.

    I think the #1 commenter is mad for the wrong reasons. Sure it's so bad it's good but portrays adult gamers more or less as giant man childs. Then again this was made by people who probably already do this skit shit.

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