Hooray, A Rubicon Video Game! Oh, Different Rubicon

I got an email today from a PR firm that said that they were excited to tell me about a new transmedia project called "Rubicon". "Neat!" I thought. "I really liked Rubicon!"

See, Rubicon was a cool AMC show about codebreakers and conspiracies. It never did live up to its potential (and got cancelled after one season), but it actually seems like the kind of thing that could make for a fun transmedia project. You know, find the codes in various things online, play a game that puts you in the shoes of a CIA codebreaker in over his head, track down the real conspiracy, etc.

Alas, it turns out that this particular Rubicon will be a movie, graphic novel and video game described by its producers as "The Seven Samurai, set in Afghanistan with Navy SEALs as the heroes, and the Taliban the villains." Hmm. Not maybe as interesting. It will, however, be written, produced, and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, whose past credits include The Usual Suspects (which he wrote) and The Way of the Gun (which he wrote and directed).

Well, OK, that sounds cool too, but will its opening credits be this groovy? Somehow I doubt it.

NY Comic-Con: Christopher McQuarrie Launches Transmedia Navy SEAL Drama ‘Rubicon' [Deadline.com]


    This sounds like the yanks tryig to point out that the Afgan war is still ok. Hopfully, this will fluk.

    Sounds rather cliched and crappy BUT The Usual Suspects is one of the greatest films ever. Consider me cautiously optimistic.

    I'm looking forward to the just announced movie with Navy Seals fighting Roman legionnaires. Now THAT is a fight we haven't seen yet.

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