How Different Will Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Be?

How Different Will Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Be?

The original Final Fantasy XIV was a total bust. FFXIV Version 2.0 promises to be better. Much better.

Version 2.0 will feature a complete redesign of the game’s current repetitive maps. “The current maps in Final Fantasy XIV are not only massive, but allow for seamless passage across wide expanses of the realm,” wrote the game’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida. “In order to maintain this seamlessness, however, we were forced to heavily reuse assets, resulting in static, repetitive areas.”

It will feature the implementation of a new graphics engine as well as a new server that should mean faster performance. What’s more, Yoshida added, “Our new graphics engine will allow us to maintain a high level of graphic quality while allowing us to optimise the game for play on the PlayStation 3 system.”

The game’s new graphics engine will also cause graphics to render differently than in the current version. Thus, Square Enix is allowing players to re-customise their avatar’s race, gender, and appearance.

Currently, FFXIV‘s new server system is up and running internally. Square Enix is in the process of putting the final touches on the party and friend system. The goal is to have all basic system features done by Feb. 2012. After that, Square Enix will start work on a worldless party matching system as well as porting all current player data. The goal is to have all this completed by Mar. 31, 2012.

The game’s user interface has been fully redone, and the in-game community content has been expanded. The new UI will newly redesigned windows, and Square Enix plans to have full support for keyboard and mouse users as wel as multi-window capability and stress-free drag and drop. The new UI even opens the door for user-made add-ons.

Square Enix also wants to strengthen the player community with in-game community options, in-game mail, player housing, PvP content, and a revamp of the retainer system and markets.

For detailed road maps of how Square Enix is planning to implement these changes, check out the gallery above. Also, there are tables that detail planned upcoming changes. These changes, of course, could change.


  • Will have to keep an eye out for this, though the reboot comes at a very difficult time with many contenders coming out.

    Also, I’ll be too busy with Skyrim late November to glance at FF14… let alone anything else 🙂

  • Honestly, I’m thrilled to hear they’re implementing all these changes since playing the game at the moment it feels pretty deserted during US hours (though I can always team up with a JP player late at night) with a number of significant issues that existed in the beta (NPC interaction lag, tedious UI for selling items, inefficient retainer system, etc…) Since I last checked in, they significantly improved the issue of setting stats (they’re now static and it doesn’t change hours to change them between jobs), leveling (shared exp all around in parties), MP regeneration (auto-recovers like HP), quests (they exist now!), leves (more reasonable amount available), dungeons (they exist!), etc…

    However, I still feel the overly taxing and sloppy programming (my desky that can play ridiculous FPS games on highest setting with good frame rates should not experience graphic glitches in an unpopulated MMORPG) needs to be dealt with as well as a lot more content being implemented before they should consider charging. Maybe version 2.0 will bring about the necessary party changes to make it worth paying to play, but as it stands it’s hard to make an argument for it when current pay to play MMOs offer exponentially more to players that FFXIV still isn’t offering for another year (see PvP & partying content in Rift, WoW, etc…and Rift got their party system up to spec within a few months of release). Then again, maybe they’re just assuming their loyal fans will fork out the dough to supplement their income while dealing with the train wreck of the release flop.

  • Ok as much as i would love another good FF MMO, i was sad when this was released and flopped.
    And from what ive read about V2.0, they still haven’t fixed many of the real issues.

    Still extremly limited quests, Still crap crafting system, no real incentive to party, or guild it up.

    i like that they have decided full mouse and keyboard support is needed, playing with a controller was a nice feel but with the LAG and UI the way it was just a few months back it was horrible.

    Im optimistic for a relaunch, as i had high hopes for the game originally, but that being said i think the damage had been done.

    but fingers crossed.

    • I remember hearing about FFIV and then before I knew it, it was already out. That sorta thing is unheard of for MMOs. Blizzard beta’d WoW for goddamn YEARS ironing out technical issues and streamlining everything via use feedback. Their average patch probably has more polish than FFIV.

      Why the hell did Squeenix release it in such an obviously incomplete state? My guess, is that they’re just horribly out of touch and and cultural misunderstandings.

  • I’m looking forward to this; Square seem to do a very good job at keeping their promises in that regard. For instance, XIII-2 looks to be a near-perfect game, especially in comparison to XIII. I’ll be giving this one a chance for sure.

    • sarcasm or not, you are still saying that there are no differences between XIII and XIII-2, seriously, you need to read more about XIII-2, they’ve changed a lot.

      it seems at the moment Square is actually listening to it’s fans, some people didn’t like parts of XIII, so they are adding all the things into XIII-2 that fans wanted. and XIV was an abomination, and i think it’s great that not only are they completely remaking it, but the fact that they haven’t made people pay subscription fees is quite nice of them, most crap or broken games might receive a small patch that fixes a few things, but square are prepared to basicly rebuild the entire game!

      anyway, depending on how the finished product looks, i may get XIV, i’ve been wanting to play a good MMO after school finishes

  • Square Enix is terrible out of touch with gamers. The whole mind set over there is that we will come up with something new and you will like it. They did this for so many years they got to big a head. This is one of there recent failures and I still dont know if they truely listen. Arethey just doing the second best thing they can think of, iand making the game so much different then it was that they can call it a new game?

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