How DUST 514 And EVE Online Bridge The Gap Between PC And PlayStation 3

In CCP's DUST 514 for the PlayStation 3, battles are initiated by corporations in the PC-based space MMO EVE Online. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, CCP server architect Lin Luo talks about how much fun making that work is.

First we need to understand the basic flow of a DUST 514 battle. First, a corporation in EVE for the PC decides they want a territory owned by another corporation and issues a battle contract. The order is communicated to DUST on the PlayStation 3. Two groups of DUST mercenaries are assembled to do battle. When the numbers on each side are satisfactory, EVE tells DUST to start up a battle. Everybody fights, and when the dust clears (pun semi-intended) the victors get the spoils and EVE terminates the battle process.

It's up to Lin Luo and friends to figure out how to facilitate this level of interaction between the two platforms while keeping the first-person shooter action of DUST fast, furious, and lag-free. I do not envy him this task.

So the EVE universe needs to manage the lifetime of DUST battle servers as well as communicating with them when needed, while we also need to make sure that the latency sensitive FPS multiplayer gameplay goes fairly for the participating DUST players. I won't go into a deep technical discussion about how we solve the challenges involved here, as we are still exploring all the possibilities to find out the best balance point to map physical DUST battles nicely into the EVE universe!

Unlike traditional FPS multiplayer servers, we will host DUST battle servers around the globe. Since the centralized server hardware resources are pretty limited in number, we have to find ways to utilise existing server resources as much as possible. Instead of having a dedicated server machine to host one battle, we aim to have a dedicated multi-core server machine to host as many DUST battle servers as possible!

Sounds like an awful lot of work to make PlayStation 3 owners the willing pawns of a bunch of EVE players. Sometimes the battles we fight are not our own. Hopefully they'll be a way in DUST to align yourself with a corporation, getting choice placement in their battles so it really feels like you're contributing to a cause.

Scaling the Universe of DUST 514 [PlayStation Blog]


    Was really looking forward to this, it's a very interesting idea. The only thing is, there will be reasons the EVE players want victory, but why should the Dust players care?

    They will just deathmatch it up, and it seems that there needs to be a reason to start a battle. What if, at some point, there is no battles scheduled? Can you not jump in a game of Dust until it is?

    Damn shame they canceled it for the xbox. looking forward to Planetside 2 now instead (for PC).

      Yeah I was thinking about that, I figured they must have skirmish or practice type match scenarios where you can just hop into a game if there are none available.

      Also, I'd lay money on microsoft being the cause of the xbox cancellation. They don't let xbox users connecting with users on other platforms. You'd have to ask them for why.

      There's quite a few NPC corporations in EVE; I'd imagine the majority of battles will be amongst these corps.

        I bet your right, that's a good angle.

      reason to fight? they are mercenary companies... there will be substantial completion bonuses I'm sure. an if you just DM it up and shoot every one in sight then your squad aint gonna complete its mission, aint gonna get the pay day, aint gonna be ale to afford to heal the wounded aint gonna get the good, better paying jobs....

      sure like in eve you could lone wolf it but you won't get any where an people will prefer to play with Leroy...

    But will Dust players even care about their "greater cause"? They're mercenaries lol.

    This probably won't work. It would have worked if it was a PC game, and players of EVE could have initiated a fight, and then gone in guns blazing themselves, but a third party? Kinda seems silly.

    How does DUST bridge the gap between console and PC? Pointlessly.

    DUST should have been a PC title. There was every reason to put it on PC and no reason to put it on PS3. CCP have made some retarded decisions in their time, but this one was and is the absolute crowner.

    I like this idea, but I'd probably own EVE aswell so I know what's going on elsewhere, otherwise I'd be too disconnected and the link would be pointless.

    I think the reason that Dust players will care and want to win is a payment system. I get this impression from the whole merc angle CCP has been working.

    With the whole problem of what if there arent any battles to sign up for? I can see there being a deathmatch type option just paying out less than a "real" battle.

    Dust players arent supposed to see the bigger picture of sov warfare or any of that stuff in Eve. I think alot of people are looking at this "link" or "bridge" entirely the wrong way.

    I don't know why people are so gung ho on the idea of EVE players playing DUST; I mean, we've already seen that EVE players wants battles in space, not any frippery on the edges.

    Sorry I was following this game for release but with zero details and dropping xbox 360 support I will no longer be purchasing this game.

    End of story. Also CCP are crap at keeping their audience in the loop or even remotely interested in their games. Bad CCP bad CCP.

    I think the reason that it's not a PC title is because they wanted to open a new market for revenue, Console gamers.

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