How Great Halo Cosplay Is Made

Costume builder Shawn Thorsson, whose work we've featured previously on Kotaku, has been filmed by Maker Faire TV in an episode devoted to explaining how some impressive tools and a lot of elbow grease can bring video game characters to life.

Specialising in Halo gear, Thorsson's advice is of more help to anyone wondering how armour or other static pieces of equipment are, or can be, made. He's not going to tell you how to sew a cape on or stitch a garter together. So if your ideal costume is Master Chief in a maid's outfit, he'll only get you halfway there. Sorry.

Shawn Thorsson's Props and Costumes: Shawn Thorsson [Maker Faire TV]


    Some nice Corvus 40k Space Marine helmets at 0.54...

    good stuff..

    I don't have the tools to work with Wood or Resin. I'll just have to stick to foam.

    In case anyone is interested, you can use pepacura to convert 3D models into papercraft. it's a tool people a lot of people use to make their fake armour

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