How To Find The Wolfenstein Room Inside Of Rage

Everybody kind of remembers Wolfenstein 3D, I personally remember it as that game I secretly played while my parents were working. This quick walkthrough will show you how to get to the secret Wolfenstein 3D room, an easter egg nestled within the very first mission of the game.

Hopefully, I won't get grounded for playing Rage.


    Very cool, like the game or not but is great to see devs put in things like this.

    That's really sweet. Though it woulda been awesome if there was a Nazi guard in there and if he followed you out into Rage he would transmogrify into modern visuals and be all confused. :-P that'd be WAY too much investment into an easter egg though, I realize that. I just enjoy dreaming.

    I miss all the easter eggs that games used to have littered throughout them. Nowadays it seems like it's a huge deal if a game has one or two.
    That game based on the Wolverine movie a couple years back was pretty sweet with the easter eggs and referances if I recall.

    But it blends so seamlessly! How are we supposed to tell which rooms the easter egg?

    Is there a way to return to this location after you complete this mission? I was able to go back, but not ALL THE WAY back to where the bed is. Will there be an opportunity for me to do so in the future?

      There is no known way to re-enter to that point. I've tried multiple times and even tried looking it up. :(

    But can you beat people over the head with that goblet...?

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