How To Get Rage To Run On Your PC, An id Software Guide

How To Get Rage To Run On Your PC, An id Software Guide

The computer version of Rage hasn’t exactly been trouble free for some folks trying to play id Software’s latest creation. I haven’t run into any over issues, but I’ve got a high-end tower that I just ran through a massive driver update. That’s not the norm.

Here’s publisher Bethesda’s latest take on the solutions PC gamers can try to get the game up and running on their rig without hitting screen tearing and texture issues:

AMD users need to update to the most recent RAGE Catalyst driver. Grab it here!

Nvidia users should try updating RAGE to the current beta driver. When this driver is updated, we’ll let everyone know.

Visit our forums for solutions that can improve reported issues with screen tearing, blurry textures, and texture pop up.

We’re currently working on an update that will allow you to more easily make configuration changes… should have more details on that shortly.

It’s terrible when a PC game launches to such mixed issues and bugs, but I’ve got to wonder if deep down these sort of problems push once computer-centric developers further and further toward console development. Yes, even id.

Playing RAGE on PC? (Updated on 10/6)


  • LOL Just update the drivers that will fix the buggy, laggy piece of crap they released on PC. Why did they think it was OK to release such a piece of crap?
    Did they test this on one PC and go OK good to go?

  • Its the price we pay for the platform we choose. But when we get it running well, it shits all over the consoles, thats why they stick at it, its the way games are meant to be played. I havent had any issues with my copy, although it is a beast of a rig, so i wouldnt expect it too.

  • Meh, I downloaded on Steam, decrypted it, and ran it. It loaded up first go, and ran flawlessly.
    I even think the game is good.
    I don’t know why everyone is so butthurt about Rage?
    God Damn gamers are whiney little bitches!!!
    …then again, I enjoy playing Brink. Maybe I’m different.

  • Guys,
    Heres a few tips…

    To fix screen tearing, add the following launch option:

    +r_swapInterval 1

    This forces V-Sync on

    To fix texture popups, if your GPU has 1GB+ RAM, add the following to your launch options:

    +vt_pageImageSizeUnique 8192
    +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly 8192
    +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly2 8192

    Otherwise, check your Video options, if GPU Transcode is available turn it on.

    Also texture popup can be eliminated by lowering AA.

    Currently running my copy on 1920 x 1200 with 16 x AA GPU Transcode on. Only thing i have done is forced V-Sync. My setup consists of a Q9550 Cpu, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 1GB GeForce GTX280.

    Moloko: Most off these issues are actually driver related. Carmack, thought a tad too far ahead and added gpu extensions not yet existent on current driver sets.

    Bear in mind guys, the optimization on this engine are so advanced, that even a lower end dual core can run the game with a basic graphics card. Try doing that with any other game.

    Lets face it, PC’s are not plug and play. You need some sort of technical know-how to get things running right. If you just want to play a game, get a console. Every single PC setup is unique, realistically, no-one should expect to be able to max out settings on a recent game unless they have a high end rig.

  • I think people just don’t like paying $90 for a game then screwing around for 4 hours trying to get it to run. Thats why developers put advanced video settings into their games, not super dooper auto state of the art bullshit that does not work at all. So ID fuck you, go suck a dick, I’m going to play Borderlands which will actually run after I install it

  • “I’ve got to wonder if deep down these sort of problems push once computer-centric developers further and further toward console development.”

    The reason the game is in the state it is in is precisely because the industry is biased towards console development. This is what happens when you hamstring your game for outdated console hardware and then slap together a half-assed port for the PC.

  • Rage wouldn’t start at all on my laptop without the new catalyst drivers, once I installed those and setup the custom config file from the steam forums it ran great and looked pretty.
    It lasts about 3 minutes and then the driver hangs and rage stops responding, seems to be a problem with ATI mobility series. Bad times.

  • I finished Rage.. gameplay for kids. Mediocre, like most of id’s games since the days of John Romero. Ridiculous challenge, good fun, but always look superb (90´s era).
    Now, Rage.. I spent each level, the textures come to confuse you! this would be a stone? the bush like a rocking serrated, there is no life in the environment, nothing responds to shots, everything is glued with super glue!
    And my god.. some local color, texture reminds imported (tile art compatibility) the solid shadows seems painted in the corner! and nothing, not your character or enemies, suffer the effect of darkness, only a light + light- horrible.
    Rage you can configure as you please, do not waste your time! the textures are not good, blurry.
    never pre-order.
    id never.
    I still have more Skyrim on pre-order.
    I think ZeniMax.. going to make me his bitch in 2011.

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