How To: Retro Gaming On Android And iPhone


    SNES9X ftmfw!

    I can't wait to get my xperia play.

    Ah how i LOVE my snes, gba, psx and nes emulator on my xperia play :)

    The physical buttons make it.

      I'm slowly going through and finishing all my old megadrive games. Use the shoulder buttons for save and load state, I can actually get through games just by playing 5 mins here and there.

    Both those games look they'd be a nightmare to play. Maybe use landscape stock images of phones?

    Umm am I missing something here? I know lots of people use them, but aren't emulators + roms illegal?

      (illegal if the user doesn't own an original copy of the game, which I reckon 90% of people don't)

      Yeah I find it weird how people seem to get all upity about people downloading new PC games but then seem to turn the other cheek for (or join in) the downloading and use of emulators and roms. Just feels like a very similar issue (unless you still own the original system and cartridge and playing it on your PC is exactly 1000 times easier than pulling out all the old gear from the cupboards at the back of the house)

        I've always kinda wondered about this. Cause what's a legitimate way to get these games? I could go to ebay or a second hand store to get a physical copy which would get me the license to play these legally (right? totally not sure about that...). But even if I do get a second hand version, no money is even going back to the publisher and that's what all of the piracy hoo-hah is about. People not getting paid for their work. So it seems that due to history being history, there IS no way to legitimately get these games anymore.

        Just to qualify, I don't play ROMs or download anything illegally. I'm not advocating piracy. I believe that people have the right to protect their work and their income.

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