How To Stop Getting Kicked From PC Battlefield 3 Matches

I bet you're wondering why no one loves you on the computer version of Battlefield 3. I bet some of you get booted after a couple minutes of play every... single... time... you log into a match. Don't worry it's not personal, it's just a bug.

An Origin Activation bug coupled with out of date ant-cheating Punkbuster software is causing oodles of people to think that admins everyone are booting them from matches. From EA's Battlelog:

NOTICE We are aware that "Origin activation" is experiencing problems. Origin are working on a fix. If you have been "kicked by admin" from a server, please go here to update Punkbuster. Thank you for your patience.

That here link points you to a forum thread where you can manually update your Punkbuster software. Here's the run down:

If you have been receiving the "You have been kicked by the Administator" message while playing Battlefield 3 you may need to manually update your Punkbuster installation.

First, download PBSetup from here: []

When you start PBSetup, you will be presented with EvenBalance's licence agreement. Accept the agreement to proceed.

The utility will then download information about the latest PunkBuster version for BF3. Once this is complete, you are presented with a list of the PunkBuster-enabled games that are present on your systems.

If Battlefield 3 is not in that list, you can add it:

- Click on "Add a Game" - In the topmost dropdown box, choose "Battlefield 3" - Click on "Add Game" - You should now have Battlefield 3 in the list of PunkBuster-enabled games.

Finally update the PunkBuster DLLs. Click on Battlefield 3, and choose "Check for Updates". PBsetup will check if the DLLs are up-to-date; if not, the latest DLLs will be downloaded and installed. .

At this point PunkBuster is fully up to date and configured for Battlefield 3.

Problem solved. Now when you get booted it will because you're bogarting those jet fighters.


    No, you've been kicked because you're a BK! If you listen to self-proclaimed "pros".

    if anyone if having graphics crashes REMEMBER to reflash your GFX cards bios works a treat at fixing EVERYTHING!!!!!

      i second this^

      Flashing my GPU bios fixed my problems too!

      Running GTX 560 Ti

      Would you be able to give me a protip on how to reflash your bios? I have a gigabyte gtx560ti and in order to stop crashing I have had to under clock my card :(

      Any help would be radical.

      Yeah I also have no idea what you mean reflash GPU bios; I have 560ti and experiencing this problem too; none of the online solutions seems to solve it :(

    Origin cant handle its own loads :P

    Sounding like UbiSoft all over again...

    God damn I hate punkbuster. It's the biggest pain in the arse on BF2

    This isn't just a BF3 thing - I've had the same problem with CoD4.

    Annoying as hell, but at least it's an easy fix.

    I keep crashing back to the desktop after about 5 minutes of campaign play, the icon remains in the system tray but I can't click on it :(

    Updates drivers, system is capable of running it but just crashes, this is so annoying

    Bloody cheating ants!!!

    O GREAT punkbuster,...... looks like i will not be playing online then with my alienware. punk buster always kicks because dell modifies its drivers so if i use requested driver fron nvidia i am unlucky :(

    sad panda

    Why the hell does PunkBuster even exist?

    Funny I am not playing BF3 or using Origin - I'm not having any issues at all.
    Must be a user error - play better games might fix it?

    i still don't get why the fuck its in a browser, whats the benefit?

      it's a hell of a lot quicker for one thing, refreshes the server browser is nigh on instantaneous, where in BFBC2 it could sometimes take upwards of 30 seconds.

      also, rather than waiting to patch the game, they can just make small changes to the website to fix issues found in the server browser and stats.

    why is it i cant open that site, HTTP ERROR,

    seriously does anything work that surrounds punkbuster?

      The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404 not found, horaaay........

    Thats what I used to update pb files.
    I also updated my graphics drivers and since I use a router, I portforwarded Battlefield 3 using:

    It helped, but as usual, I still get an occasional "Losing Key Packets" kick.

    No, problem not solved, I have done this process many times and it never fixes the issue, the only thing that worked it to totally uninstall BF3, and ORIGIN and Punkbuster and any program with anything to do with any of those, then do a complete reinstall which takes a couple hours counting all the giant updates that have to be downloaded. Its a real pain in the ass. The above fix is posted everywhere but most people it does not work for, yet is always followed by PROBLEM SOLVED. BS not solved.

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