How To Stop Getting Kicked From PC Battlefield 3 Matches

How To Stop Getting Kicked From PC Battlefield 3 Matches

I bet you’re wondering why no one loves you on the computer version of Battlefield 3. I bet some of you get booted after a couple minutes of play every… single… time… you log into a match. Don’t worry it’s not personal, it’s just a bug.

An Origin Activation bug coupled with out of date ant-cheating Punkbuster software is causing oodles of people to think that admins everyone are booting them from matches. From EA’s Battlelog:

NOTICE We are aware that “Origin activation” is experiencing problems. Origin are working on a fix. If you have been “kicked by admin” from a server, please go here to update Punkbuster. Thank you for your patience.

That here link points you to a forum thread where you can manually update your Punkbuster software. Here’s the run down:

If you have been receiving the “You have been kicked by the Administator” message while playing Battlefield 3 you may need to manually update your Punkbuster installation.

First, download PBSetup from here: []

When you start PBSetup, you will be presented with EvenBalance’s licence agreement. Accept the agreement to proceed.

The utility will then download information about the latest PunkBuster version for BF3. Once this is complete, you are presented with a list of the PunkBuster-enabled games that are present on your systems.

If Battlefield 3 is not in that list, you can add it:

– Click on “Add a Game” – In the topmost dropdown box, choose “Battlefield 3” – Click on “Add Game” – You should now have Battlefield 3 in the list of PunkBuster-enabled games.

Finally update the PunkBuster DLLs. Click on Battlefield 3, and choose “Check for Updates”. PBsetup will check if the DLLs are up-to-date; if not, the latest DLLs will be downloaded and installed. .

At this point PunkBuster is fully up to date and configured for Battlefield 3.

Problem solved. Now when you get booted it will because you’re bogarting those jet fighters.


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