How To Unlock Halo’s Warthog In Forza 4

How To Unlock Halo’s Warthog In Forza 4
Despite the fact you can’t drive it in the game, Forza 4 will still include a Warthog from the Halo series, viewable in the game’s gorgeous Autovista mode. If getting access to this is the first thing you plan on doing, well, here’s how you do it.

Autovista is a time-destroying new feature of the game that lets you virtually explore some of Forza 4‘s more beautiful/famous cars. You can walk around, pop the hood, get in, get out, get back in and even turn the key (or push the button) to hear the engine roar to life.

Alongside the Bugatti Veyron and Ford GT, you’ll be able to do this with Halo’s Warthog, but only if you do a few other things first. Namely, unlock every other car in Autovista mode.

See, when you first get the game, you have Autovista access to around half a dozen or so cars. To unlock more, you need to pass challenges, which require you to drive the car in question over a lap or two, usually overtaking a set number of cars before you finish.

So you have to complete all of these challenges, which in all means there are around 20 races you’ll need to complete before unlocking the Warthog. Note that you only have to unlock the cars that come standard with the disc; you’ll see a BMW in there (the 2012 M5) that’s locked and marked as “DLC” (which will free and unlocked around launch). Ignore that, you don’t need it unlocked to get the Warthog.

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  • its seems completely stupid not to allow you to drive it even if its identical to that of a Jeep or something. They have it to Sucker in Halo fans to buy it yet you cant drive it. If they really wanted Halo fans to buy the game, have it as Pre order bonus that you unlock right away to race with. I doubt many will buy it just to look at it after grinding for hours as well.

  • Yeah i agree it’s pretty dumb, would have loved to drive it just for the novelty, will probably look at it a couple times as it will be pretty cool but thats it being unable to drive it is really dumb in my opinion but oh well atleast there are like 500+ other awesome cars to drive.

  • Yeah, for completionists or those that just love driving and gaining access to more cars this, is just something that will get unlocked and gather virtual dust. What a shame, could have made for some seriously fun team based races!
    WTF Turn 10?

    • Oh yeah, also wanted to comment on the complete lack of branding in the audio for the clips with Clarkson as narrator…did Turn 10 save a shite load of money by not having him actually say “Forza Motor Sport 4”?

      Are there more clips? I’ve only seen two!

  • They can’t just make it “identical to a jeep or something”.

    The Warthog would literally dwarf a hummer, the physics engine would have to be re-written to cope with the extreme suspension telemetry.

    Autovista is still part of the game experience.

    Want to drive a warthog? Go play Gaylo.

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