I Wield The Mighty Doomhammer

Does this make me Warchief? Weighing in at 8.1kg and forged from steel, Epic Weapons' Doomhammer replica is one mighty meat tenderiser. If I can scrape up $US300 we might have a new banhammer on our hands.

The Doomhammer is the weapon of the Orc warchiefs in World of Warcraft, passed down from father to son over the ages. Thrall himself wields it, the weapon given to him during the flight of the Orcs from their homeworld of Draenor. I might have that wrong; either way it's a pretty important piece of equipment.

There are actually two different Doomhammers at BlizzCon 2011 this weekend. One, available for purchase at the BlizzCon store for under $US200, is a live-action role-playing weapon, crafted of PVC and foam and then painted to look extremely similar to its weightier, more expensive inspiration.

The one I'm holding here is the real deal, or as real a deal as you can get. It's made by Epic Weapons, the same company that made the gorgeous reproduction of Frostmourne a few years back. It's up for preorder on the Epic Weapons website for $US284.95, a small price to pay for the ultimate in home security.


    Any idea where I can get the PVC version?

      Pshh who cares :P an extra hundy or so for a replica that will stand the test of time is all you need to worry about.


    if its anything like frostmourne ( which i have) then the fucking postage and handling will cost more than the actual mace.
    No joke, when i got frostmourne, it was 300 odd USD for the sword, and 600USD for the postage and handling because epic weapons only delt with UPS.

      Thats what stopped me from buying Frostmourne... I've regretted it ever since

        Don't regret it. Using UPS always means paying 200-300% more for shipping and almost always receiving whatever you ordered broken and trashed.

          I only regret it because a friend bought the sword, a freakin sweet piece of metal though. Weighed a ton, was barely able to hold it up with one hand for 30 seconds

            Oh I don't doubt the quality of the item. It's more a past experience with UPS and many many many horror stories that make it, imo, NEVER worth the time.

      Seriously? Freakin' UPS?

      Well then, no sale for me either.

    if i was going to spend that kind of money on a hammer (which i wouldnt) i would at least want something in the 20kg+ range

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