I Wonder What The Skyrim Lawyers Think Of This

The movie Immortal will arrive in movie theatres on 11/11/11, according to a poster I saw at my local subway stop in Brooklyn. I associate that date with another upcoming release: the video game Skyrim

I may have made the connection because effective marketing has ingrained the 11/11/11 release date in my brain as the Skyrim release date since we all first heard about the game in December of last year.

But once in a while, you see a font that looks positively inspired. So I had to check.

Skyrim logo.

Skyrim's version of 11/11/11.

Similar, but not identical.

Skyrim is being made by Bethesda, a company whose lawyers, we've reported recently, don't like perceived imitation. I think Immortals will be safe here, but for the sake of context, this is the first thing I saw this year that made me mistake something that wasn't Skyrim for something that is Skyrim.

Immortals, according to IMDB is about: "a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity." It'll be out... oh, you can figure that part out.


    Wonder if the hero gets his mission briefing on a scroll

    I can see more things getting the 111111 release, it doesn't happen too often.

    But being the stupid consumer I am when on the road going to get Skyrim and I am differently going to end up in the theaters watching this then playing Skyrim because I cant tell the different :D.

    Have you seen the trailer for Immortals? It looks terribad.

      My hopes for Skyrim are higher than Immortals

    God forbid two things be released on the same date!

    I associate 11/11/11 with Rememberance Day in Australia.

    Because Bethesda actually has any say on what can be released by others on a once-in-a-lifetime date... :\

      Well, no, obviously, Bethesda are just developers. Zenimax are the ones you need to look out for.

        Zenimax was created by Bethesda. They needed a publishing company so they created Zenimax.

    I don't really see the Skyrim type face as unique, it looks as generic as any other DVD cover out there

    I Wonder What The Skyrim Lawyers Think Of This
    By DERP! on October 19, 2011 at 7:00 AM

    Ignoring the 11-11-11. . .
    The whole font, silver colour, reflections, etc is a big rip off of Skyrim.

      Yes, because Skyrim was the first thing ever to have a silver font. The texture is completely different, the serifs are different and the direction of light is different.

    Nothing to see here people.. move along.

    Stephen scraped the bottom of the barrel when it came to newsworthy items. Then he discovered the barrel actually had a false bottom, removed it, then scraped further down.

    Hey cool something else for Zenimax to sue. Maybe they'll go after this crappy mediocre movie and forget about Mojang.

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