I’m Not Watching This Skyward Sword Video – Are You?

I’m Not Watching This Skyward Sword Video – Are You?

It’s beyond unprofessional to admit this, I know, but I am a Zelda fanboy. And for that reason, I am attempting to keep myself completely spoiler free. I probably should watch this video, to stay informed or something, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I will be watching this video in the darkness, on my TV, wrapped in a blanket, with a hot chocolate, when the game is released – what about you?

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  • Sounds like a great idea mark, I love Zelda and always have although I’m used to playing it after I’m worn out from a day at work but with this version having to wave my arms about to be killing enemies call me lazy but seems like to much effort haha xP

  • I won’t be watching this video because I’m at work and videos are blocked.
    Also, I love the experience new Zelda games create. Cutscenes just don’t do justice to the atmosphere.

  • No. I never look as any substantial play videos.There’s sheer magic in the moment you boot the game for the first time and get sucked into its universe.

    There is no way I’m spoiling that.

  • Seriously, this obsession of avoiding spoilers is ridiculous… Stop worrying about petty BS and just enjoy it.

    Although I CAN understand why you’d want to avoid advertisements simply because they either give away WAY too much of the major moments of games.

    This trailer only sets up the same tired Zelda intro. You could of released this trailer for any LoZ title and it’d work, so long as you change a few key words…

    • Its not about spoilers so much as it is breaking the enjoyment of playing everything for the first time fresh. I did the same thing with Ocarina of Time, hadnt seen a single thing of the game and bought it only on the back of the SNES Zelda. It really was amazing doing it that way. Every single thing was new and exciting.

  • Why are people so excited to play another rehashed Zelda game? Really? It’s not like you’re paying for new gameplay or story.
    Oh well the Nintendo fanboys can have their lame arse Zelda, i’ll be playing Uncharted 3 (theres a developer which actually knows how to expand upon each game in both gameplay and story)

  • Totally have been avoiding it too. I’m completely obsessed with this Zelda game, can’t wait! I watched the sword training and “romance” videos and actually felt guilty for seeing too much of the game before I’ve actually played it. Stay strong, don’t spoil your experience, you can’t get it back, and we only get one of these epic Zelda games every 5-6 years!

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