If Metal Slug On Wii U Featured Augmented Reality...

This (sadly) fake creation, combining the Wii U and perennial side-scrolling favourite Metal Slug, shows us a future where augmented reality games aren't a massive joke. A future where disgusting cups filled with cigarettes can double as cover for tiny, pixellated heroes and a container for your used cancer sticks. A future where you have to engage in the thoroughly analogue activity of cutting out small squares with Xs on them to make full use of your digital video game.

It's a future I want to see... thought I'm not sure how the multiplayer would work without everyone standing on top of each other...

[YouTube, via GameSetWatch]


    ohgodohgodohgod whydoesthisnotexist

    Actually, I'd be pretty content with any new Metal Slug game. I know it's been a slow downhill ride from 3, but they're still damn good fun.

      I'm still pissed the DS version didn't have wireless co-op.

    holy crap i would pay so much money for that to exist!!!

    I hate the term "cancer sticks". Reminds me of Rob Reiner in South Park.

    The main stumbling block with this is there are no cameras on the back of the Wii U tablet controller....Doh!

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