If You Don't Own Or Want A 3DS, 'What's Wrong With You?'

Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime is probably kidding (half-kidding) when he wonders, at the start of this video, what's wrong with people who don't have or want a Nintendo 3DS. Consider it a milder form of him kicking your arse and taking your name.

In this debut instalment of Nintendo Direct, Fils-Aime hypes lots of Nintendo product, from Zelda to Mario Kart to a neat-looking trio of downloadable games coming to the 3DS's eShop. Go to the 3:30 mark for that: We get Freakyforms (which we saw when it was called Picture Lives), Pushmo (which we drooled over when it was called Hiku-Osu) and Dillon's Rolling Western).

If you don't care about this story, though, what's wrong with you?


    What a joke. What's wrong with us? How about what's wrong with the 3DS?

    Good releases can be counted on a single hand.
    There's no second analogue nub.
    There's a shitty peripheral to get a second nub.

    I'll wait until the second model, thanks.

    Hey ive got a 3DS! Lol im actually on my second, so put that in your pipe & smoke it!

    I don't really like the inclusion of the name 'Dillon' to the Rolling Western title. Not that I have a problem with the name of the character, but I think "The Rolling Western" was a nice, simple title.

    I'll still buy it though. With any luck, it'll be popular enough to become a new regular IP (or at least get a retail sequel).

    Fucking American salesmen treat consumers like idiots for not buying their crap. Take it elsewhere fat cheeks.

    Already knows what it delivers ? It doesn't.
    How awkward...

    "If You Don’t Own Or Want A 3DS" that means you have a weaked sex life

    3DS owners already know what it deliver's

    -Great Games - Since When last i checked there have been more good releases for the DS since the 3DS launch than their has the 3DS

    -Nintendo Video/3DS camera- haven't seen a use for it yet

    -AR games, until your bored as no more have been added

    -street pass. Well my thing was filled up on launch so it's now another feature that does nothing

    good to know that nintendo think's it's target audience are all fans of dancing with the stars glee and modern family

      I own a 3DS. An American one too, so I get better prices and more games are out.


        i own an american 3DS as well. Hasn't changed much though

    finances mostly

      You can find a much cheaper paperweight than a 3DS

    I want a PSV instead.

    That's the kind of question I'd have expected to hear from Sony bigwigs around the time of the PS3 launch when their arrogance was at its peak.

    Haven't pulled the plug on the 3DS yet? what's wrong with Nintendo?

    PS Vita isn't even out yet and it looks MUCH more promising than the 3DS...

    Does anyone else feel creeped out by the way he talks about our "naked eyes"?

    I'm not sure Reggie understands that we actually make our purchases based on things that we think will give us some sort of value.

    Screw that headache inducing piece of gimmicky junk. I'm really looking forward to the Vita.

    I dont have time to play a(nother) portable gaming console >_<"

    I traded my 3ds in after the first few months of wondering where the games were, why the oz games were so darn expensive, hating the region lock, hating the nub excuse for a stick, getting over the 3d fad and got an ipad & iphone combo -they only do everything, they do it simply and with style, & there are so many great games for less than $5 a pop!!! I also gave up on kinect a year after it launched and really haven't looked back since. wooo woooo!!

    Why does he have a shiny chin?

      Throughout the entire video i could not stop staring at the freakishly shiny chin.

      He's a reptilian sent to earth to develop the Nintendo 3DS in attempt to lure masses and then slowly implant thoughts into our heads about their culture which subsequently owns a majority share in Nintendo. It all makes sense now.

    It's the good cop bad cop routine. The folks back home in Japan are humble, while Reggie's all in your face.

    Iwata: "Please, buy our humble 3DS. We believe there is enjoyment for everyone. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, mina-san.

    Reggie: "Yo foo', why you ain't got one yet? You crazy or what?!"

    I'll gladly buy the system once they're finished designing it.

    I don't quite get why he seems so damn creepy in this video. His delivery just seemed robotic, like he was a third grader giving a presentation while peeing their pants. Strange for such a previously charismatic man.

    Is Reggie a robot?

    Soooooooooold! O wait, this isnt PSvita...

      O wait, I havent bought a portable since GBA...

    I don't like buying gimmicky shit with no good games, and only one viewing angle to view the gimmicky shit in the first place. With add ons galore.

    I purchased my 3DS at release, and I'm still not regretting the purchased.
    As for this upcoming update, it's a nice addition, but I was left speechless by the PSVita's demonstration at the EB Game Expo. I can honestly say that Nintendo has a some hectic competition coming into the handheld market. It currently shown to do everything the 3DS does, bar the 3D gimmick, better.

    Still, I'm going to be happy with my 3DS regardless. Nintendo's releasing some decent games for it, along with some of my other favourite game developers. Even if that means I'll only get a dozen or so decent games out of it, I'll be happy. And then there's always the hope that they finally implement a decent eStore and release a much bigger backlog of games. They have thousands and thousands yet so far we've gotten less then fifty :/

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