If You Watch One Video About The PS Vita, Watch This One

The PS Vita, this video says, wasn't made by hardware folks, it was the result of what the people who would one day make games for this portable wanted.

That seems like the right way to do things. Sure, you're hardware folks need to take those suggestions and turn them into something that works and is affordable, but shouldn't software be driving that design bus?

The video also makes some really strong arguments for why you'd want to get a portable device that isn't... well, a phone. Its big screen is more immersive, its visual fidelity and, lets face it, those twin sticks are the holy grail of portable gaming.

Even if you don't want to be won over, or already have been, you should watch this video to see some of the graphics you'll find on the system. It's pretty incredible.


    The funny thing is how when I first heard about the DS and PSP I actually thought they would have so many of these obvious features.

      After seeing this the 3DS has some very heavy competition, I can see that they are offering different experiences so they can co exist.

    This video made me really interested in the PSVita. I think I might have a deeper look closer to the release date. At the moment, I'm undecided, but they've got my curiosity piqued.

    I love the look of the hardware, and I love the look of the games.
    What I'm hoping is that the interface will be good enough so that I can use it as a multimedia device, not just a gaming device. I want quality media players, and a user friendly and customizable OS.

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